Apr 09 2018

The Seekers Release Historic Television Specials

Three of The Seekers television specials from the 60s have been compiled for ‘The Seekers – The Legendary Television Specials’ collectors edition DVD.


‘The Seekers – The Legendary Television Specials’ features ‘The Seekers At Home’ (1965), ‘The Seekers Down Under’ (1967) and ‘The World of The Seekers’ (1968). It is incredible that the footage still exists.

“It is not just a minor miracle, it is a major miracle,” Athol Guys tells Noise11.com. “We achieved rights to all of the films many, many years ago. In fact at one stage we even managed to latch onto the original 35mm film ‘The World of the Seekers’. I have it in large containers. Thank God we’ve got them all”.

The Seekers still hold the record for the biggest music audience ever in Australia, 200,000 fans came to see the band in Melbourne in 1967 at a time when Melbourne only had a population of 2 million. “What happened was they stopped counting heads at 11 in the morning because the joint was full,” Athol said. “The cars were banked back to St Kilda Junction. They stopped the traffic. In those days there was no bank across the ridge of the Music Bowl. It was a plain that went from the Music Bowl to the Gardens”.

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