Oct 18 2019

A memorial service for well known former Goulburn resident, Michael Navybox will be held next month.


Mr Navybox, an avid sportsman, was cycling the course of the Spanish long distance event, La Vuelta, at the time of his death.


His passing left the Goulburn community in shock.


The memorial service will be held on November 15th at 10am at Sts Peter and Paul's cathedral in Bourke street, Goulburn.

Oct 18 2019

There will be on-going discussions between the proponent of a large poultry processing plant planned for North Goulburn and the council.


These discussions are seen as necessary if water and water treatement infrastructure needs to be upgraded.


In strongly endorsing the Poultry Processing proposal this week, the council is also asking the NSW Department of Planning and Industry to impose full Section 64 fees and charges to the development.


General manager, Warrick Bennett says there is the capacity for expansion of services.


Oct 18 2019

A document which will guide development in the Goulburn Mulwaree Local Government area for the next 20 years, is currently on public exhibition.


The Urban and Fringe Housing strategy has been described as one of the most exciting proposals that council has dealt with and for the next eight weeks the public has the opportunity to present their views.


Council general manager, Warrick Bennett says the document is asking where should growth be and how densely should it occur.


The strategy is proposing a number of growth precincts and Mr Bennett says it contains ideas which should be scrutinised by the community.

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