Nov 11 2019

The Southern Region Police Enforcement Squad has scored a major win with the arrest of four people as part of investigations into alleged drug supply in the Monaro region.


Late last week, a 33 year old woman was arrested during a vehicle stop in Queanbeyan with a search leading to the seizure of nearly a kilogram of cannabis, allegedly secreted in the vehicle.


She faces 27 counts of supplying a prohibited drug.


Shortly after, a 53 year old woman was arrested and charged with drug supply following a search warrant executed on premises at Karabar.


Another search warrant at a home in Queanbeyan allegedly located drugs, knuckle dusters, electronic surveillance equipment, mobile phones and cash.


As a result a woman in her 30s was charged with 67 counts of drug supply and associated charges.


A 17 year old boy at the premises was charged with drug possession and 12 counts of supply.

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