Oct 28 2019

Following numerous driving complaints on the Hume highway near Goulburn, two men have been charged.


Towards the end of last week, police were told of a vehicle being driven at high speeds on the highway.


The vehicle came to a stop near Wollogorang road, before allegedly accelerating away harshly as traffic and highway patrol officers approached.


Road spikes were  deployed on the Hume highway near Boxers Creek, but on sighting police, the vehicle allegedly crossed to the wrong side of the road and continued driving at speed in a northerly direction.


Police went to the South Marulan road after reports that the vehicle was parked on the side of the road.


Two men were located in nearby bush-land and after a foot chase, 21 and 23 year old men were apprehended.


They individually face numerous charges including driving in a manner dangerous, having goods in custody, supply prohibited drugs and having an outstanding warrant.

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