Oct 28 2019

The NSW Independent Planning Commission is not allowing a multi million wind farm near Crookwell.


The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment referred the proposed 23 turbine Crookwell 3 Wind farm to the independent body in April, amid community opposition.


Three commissioners met with the applicant, Crookwell Development Pty Ltd and the Upper Lachlan council and there was also a public meeting to listen to the community's concerns.


These centred on visual and landscape impacts, potential human health effects and remediation and rehabilitiation matters.


While the independent commission acknowledged that the wind farm would deliver renewable energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuel consumption, it said there were significant residual issues.


Commissioners said visual impacts of the project were unacceptable given the effect on multiple residences.


They also said that the site was not suitable for the project because of its proximity to and the nature and scale of visual impacts on residences and the community.

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