Oct 23 2019

More than $210,000 from the state government has been gainfully used in various enhancement projects in villages in the Goulburn Mulwaree area.


At Bungonia hall, $22,500 has been used for a community LED sign for notices and events and at Marulan, $54,000 was spent on a block of amenities at Tony Onions Park.


$13,400 has secured a community LED sign at the corner of Middle Arm road and Campbell's Lane while the Uniting Church hall in Parkesbourne village, had a wheelchair and diability access from $14,000 provided.


Tarago village has installed a new outdoor playground suitable for pre-school children at the Memorial Park as a result of a $29,000 allocation.


For nearly $18,000 there is a community LED sign at the Towrang hall as well as a refurbishment of the barbeque area.


A grant of $23,000 has enabled the installation of a storage shed at Windellama showground for Little Athletics equipment storage and air-conditioning facilities have also gone into the Windellama hall.


In Tallong village $27,000 will enable an electrical upgrade, installation of a 30,000 litre tank with pump for the hall and a gazebo for the village's Memorial Park.

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