Sep 05 2017

Life Is Fine As Paul Kelly Continues To Sell In Decent Numbers

Paul Kelly’s first ever number one album ‘Life Is Fine’ is continuing to sell in decent numbers, at least relative to how music sells these days.


Three weeks in ‘Life Is Fine’ has sold just over 14,000 copies, with 205 of those sales coming from streaming.

Kelly fans want to own the trophy. Physical CD sales have made up more than 80% of total sales. On pure streaming, the highest position for ‘Life Is Fine’ is number 94.

The simple facts of the music business today is that tickets overrule music sales. Kelly has sold out his first Sydney Opera House Forecourt show (6000 tickets starting at $99). A second show is now on sale.

With a potential 12000 tickets at a minimum of $99 each coming just from Sydney, Kelly will gross over $1.2 million in Sydney ticket sales alone compared to three weeks of national album sales worth about $280,000.

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