Sep 15 2017

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council has announced Community Outreach meetings encompassing areas outside the city.


During October meetings will be held at Middle Arm, Windellama, Marulan and Goulburn.


Similar meetings will be staged in November at Parkesbourne, Tarago, Towrang, Tallong and Bungonia.


The meetings present the opportunity for the community to have its say on council matters and projects.


Its been about a year since the elections and Mayor, Bob Kirk says the outreach gatherings are a good chance to connect to councillors.

Sep 15 2017

For the next year, visitors to Goulburn's regional art gallery will be able to view the Norman Lindsay original oil, 'Woman and Satyr' thanks to the NSW Police Force.


The police have owned the extraordinary work since about the 1980s and since its rediscovery in a NSW gallery in 2010 there has been a campaign to have it publicly shown throughout the state.


On a twelve month loan, the painting was formally presented yesterday to Goulburn gallery director, Gina Mobayed by Hume LAC commander, Acting Superintendent, Chad Gillies.


Mr Gillies says that on behalf of the Police Force, he is extremely happy to make the painting available to the community.

Sep 15 2017

Work to change traffic arrangements at the intersection of Sloane street and Blackshaw road in Goulburn, starts next week.


In effect, when the work is completed no right turns will be able to be made into and out of Blackshaw road from and into Sloane street.


A Goulburn Mulwaree council traffic recommendation was put to councillors in June and they agreed that the project should be carried out.


Work starts on Monday and will see the median strip on Sloane street linked up.


The job is expected to be completed by the end of next week.

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