May 23 2017

Goulburn Mulwaree council is recognising the importance and value of heritage items in the city.


A heritage study under the guidance of consultants, Barker Ryan Stewart is reviewing the council's numerous existing heritage studies, some which date back to 1983.


Councillors have been told that one of the primary objectives of the 2017 study, is to bring the findings of the various existing council documents into one compendium.


Part of the process is consultation with the community, including a presentation to councillors.


At this stage, it is anticipated this new study will be completed late this year.

May 23 2017

The Goulburn Conservatorium of Music has been given the means to be able to map out its own future.


NSW deputy premier, John Barilaro yesterday officially opened new renovation work costing several hundred thousand dollars.


Work has been carried out to replace the glass atrium with twelve millimetre glass panels- those alone costing many thousands of dollars.


Mr Barilaro says he sat down with conservatorium officers months ago to work out future directions.

May 23 2017

A resident of Warrigal Goulburn today celebrates her 102nd birthday.


Hilma (Bette) Biddle is celebrating her birthday with family and friends.


In her years she has seen and experienced much.


Born on the same day that Italy declared war on Austria- Hungary, it was during the Second World War that she served her country.


She spent many hours as a sergeant in the Land Army, but it was her family who always came first.


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