Jul 25 2017

South East Local Land Services have secured another three million dollars for the improvement of farms within its area.


The Rural Landscape Programme for the next three years is a deal between Land Services and Sydney 



Local Land Services Manager, Aaron Smith says a range of measures can be funded through the programme.

Jul 24 2017

There have been more encouraging results from test drilling at the Woodlawn mine near Tarago.


More than four kilometres of drilling targeting an expansion of a shallow resource, is revealing a number of significant areas.


Heron Resources CEO, Wayne Taylor says the assay results represent some of the highest grades of ore seen at the Woodlawn site.


He says it demonstrates the potential of finding new zones of mineralisation close to the surface using a dedicated approach.


Use of the shallow location is expected to have a positive impact on the early cash flows, as it is outside the existing mine plan and financial modelling.


The current drilling programme is expected to be completed in the next few weeks.

Jul 24 2017

Police are encouraged by a decline in drink driving rates throughout the state, however Goulburn is still in the top ten for both drink and drug driving.


End of financial year statistics show a decrease of 1406 drivers charged with being under the influence of drugs and a fall of 1562 charged with drink driving.


For drug driving, Goulburn is ranked as the third worst centre in NSW, while it is in sixth place as the worst for drink driving.


For speeding, Mittagong is placed second for being the worst in the state.


The worst is Wilton, just to the north.


Police have made their concerns plain.


They say the evidence is clear- drink and drug drivers are costing lives on NSW roads.


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