Aug 19 2019

A Therapy Dog programme which eases stress for Goulburn court users will be extended for another year.


The announcement has come from Attorney-General, Mark Speakman and state member, Wendy Tuckerman.


Mr Speakman says the Canine Court Companion programme has received overwhelming support.


This has prompted the government to continue funding Guide Dogs NSW/ACT to keep the initiative working in 10 locations in metropolitan and regional NSW until July 2020.


The dogs attend Goulburn courthouse three days a week, patrolling foyers, waiting rooms, safe rooms and witness rooms.


State member Tuckerman says the specially trained Labradors have won hearts at Goulburn courts, providing significant comfort to people feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Aug 16 2019

A Sister City and Friendship Region Relationship Policy has been endorsed by the Goulburn Mulwaree Council.


This is being placed on public exhibition and in so doing council is writing to sister cities El Cajon in the United States and Jiangdu in China asking their views on how the connections can be developed.


A letter from mayor, Bob Kirk will also be written to the french city of Geluwe promoting a sister city relationship.


It would connect Goulburn Mulwaree with the French city where Goulburn man, William Leggett was the first Australian killed in action in the defence of Ypres in the Great War.


A Friendship City relationship will also be sought with the centre of Goleniow in Poland.


There is a cultural connection between Goulburn's Leider and the theatre community of the Polish city. 

Aug 16 2019

Next week, Goulburn Mulwaree councillors will consider an amended scope of work for building the city's multi million dollar Performing Arts Centre.


The approved construction budget for this year is $18.5 million and the builder, Zauner Construction will present two options.


One will include a Fly Tower and the other without, but its understood that council is keen to include the tower considering that it is an important element.


A recommendation from the general manager is that the fly tower be incorporated at an additional cost of $450,000.

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