Dec 12 2018

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment says it is not recommending approval of the huge Hume Coal and associated Berrima Rail projects.


It follows a comprehensive assessment of the project which proposes the extraction of up to 3.5 million tonnes of coal a year for 19 years and associated rail infrastructure for shipment.


The department says it does not consider the economic benefits of the projects will outweigh the likely adverse impacts on the environment and community.


The matter will now be referred to the Independent Planning Commission for a public hearing.


Dec 11 2018

The Southern Tablelands Rail Users Group says the state government's decision to work on a fast rail network is in line with the group's aims of promoting faster services.


STRUG president, Greg Price says his group and Regional Rail Action NSW have been lobbying the government for faster rail, more particularly the introduction of Tilt Trains.


The importance of faster rail has Mr Price thinking of combined efforts within government and says he would be keen to see a bi-partisan approach.

Dec 11 2018

The million dollar project to put a new bridge structure across the Kiamma creek in the Upper Lachlan shire is underway.


Designs and geotechnical reports have been completed and a tender for construction and design will be sought in January.


The new structure replaces the 112 year old, low level, narrow timber Kiamma creek bridge on the Laggan road.


In its place will be a two-lane concrete culvert bridge.


State member, Pru Goward says the roadway to the bridge will be realigned, drainage improved and the site landscaped.

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