Jul 26 2017


A 29 year old woman appears in the Goulburn local court next month after allegedly driving on the Hume highway at 156 kilometres per hour.


The driver, on her green P plates, was pulled over at the intersection of the highway and Collector road at Collector.


A road side breath test was administered and a breath analysis allegedly saw a reading of point-zero-two-seven.


The Vincentia woman has been charged with exceeding the speed limit and with special range PCA.


She appears in court on August 16th.

Jul 25 2017

The importance of bees will be discussed at a talk to be given at the Goulburn Mulwaree library early next month.


Bees have been described as one of the most important creatures in the food chain, pollinating crops which are eaten by humans and livestock.


Recent drops in bee populations have caused concern and many in the community want to know what can be done.


Members of the Goulburn District Beekeepers club have been invited to speak on the subject on Wednesday, August ninth.


The talk will cover what's involved in keeping bees, managing honey collection, maintaining bee health and the best garden plants to have to encourage bee populations.


The session is free but bookings are esstential and can be made by phoning 4823 4435.

Jul 25 2017

A long time worker in Goulburn's catholic parish has been awarded a Papal Honour.


For many years, Chris O'Brien has worked for the Mary, Queen of Apostles parish and has put special emphasis on Our Lady of Fatimia church at North Goulburn.


At a small weekend ceremony at Fatima, Canberra Goulburn Vicar General, Fr Tony Percy conferred the Decoration of Honour for Church and Pope to Mr O"Brien.


His wife, daughter and son were present for the event.


Those who have been sick at home have benefited by Mr O'Brien's work when he delilvered communion to them. 


He has done that over many years.


Also when Goulburn's two parishes combined years ago, he held the position of chairman of the parish finance council.


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