Jun 21 2019

In coming weeks, the Goulburn Mulwaree Council will receive a report on possible cost savings on the construction of a Performing Arts Centre.


The current tender price for the Goulburn PAC is $1.6 million dollars over budget.


This week's council meeting decided to look for savings on some of the facility's inclusions.


Amongst them are a Fly Tower and an orchestra pit.


Deputy mayor, Councillor Peter Walker has pointed out that it is entirely possible that Goulburn would become part of a regional network of performing arts centres.


He says cost implications have to be considered with care.

Jun 21 2019

The Upper Lachlan Shire Council is one of 18 local government areas to take part in a ground-breaking state government programme aimed at saving energy and cutting power bills.


The Sustainable Councils and Communities initiative is being promoted by the Office of Environment and Heritage to help councils better understand their energy use.


It will enable them to make business cases for efficiency or upgrade projects.


Sustainable Programmes Director, Mick O'Flynn says the programme will help councils with limited budgets become investment ready for energy projects previously beyond their reach.


There will be a focus on cutting energy bills for households and businesses and improving the comfort of homes for the most vulnerable.


Upper Lachlan council has already started analysing power usage at its facilities and identifying priority sites for energy audits.

Jun 20 2019

Financial adjustments have been made by the Goulburn Mulwaree Council which will quickly progress improvements to the Oallen Ford and Sandy Point roads near the city.


Councillors have been told that as works have continued, some additional components have been identified.


Funds allocated for next year have been brought forward to this financial year and some section 94 monies have been transferred to allow work on both Oallen Ford and Sandy Point routes.


Council Operations Director, Matt O'Rourke says it is pleasing to achieve this type of improvement.

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