Apr 20 2017

A car crash on the Hume highway near Yass yesterday has seen a man taken to Canberra hospital.


The 43 year old man was in a van travelling on the highway when a tyre from a vehicle parked on the centre nature strip smashed into the windscreen of his van.


The parked vehicle in the centre was apparently hit by another car towing a caravan which apparently had veered off the roadway.


A helicopter airlifted the van driver to the Canberra hospital.


He received abdominal injuries but was not seriously hurt.


The incident caused disruption to traffic flow on the Hume with both north and southbound carriageways affected

Apr 19 2017

The Australian National Indoor Hockey championships are to be staged in Goulburn next year.


Last night's meeting of the Goulburn Mulwaree Council formally endorsed its commitment for the titles to be held at the Veolia arena in January 2018.


Council was told that the basketball stadium would be needed from the 2nd to the 30th of January and not on an ad hoc basis with matches in December and others in January.


On the cost associated with the championships, Councillor Margaret O'Neill said she would like to see sponsorship funding to alleviate some of the costs to council.


Hockey Australia will be asked to secure sponsorship to off-set costs.

Apr 19 2017

The Goulburn to Camden Cycle Classic has attracted the support of the Goulburn Mulwaree Council.


It is proposed the race will start from Belmore Park and would follow a course of country roads to join the highway south of Marulan and later to pass through Bundanoon and then to Exeter.


The course would wind its way through the Southern Highlands and would take in Razorback which in past races was an iconic part of the event.


First run in 1902, the race this year is proposed for Sunday the 10th of September.


Discussions will now take place with the organisers and Roads and Maritime Services to determine operational needs.


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