Feb 19 2019

Inspite of recent rains lessening the severity of the drought, South-east Local Land Services is moving ahead with plans to improve the security of water for regional primary producers.


Two farm water workshops are to be held, the first at Braidwood on February 28th and the other in the Goulburn area on March the first.


Ag advisor, Matt Leischke says recent rains have been patchy and landholders may appreciate information which can be used to secure water supply.


Feb 19 2019

State Health minister, Brad Hazzard has reacted tersely to Labor's announcement of $200 million for Goulburn hosptial.


Mr Hazzard says it falls short of a Labor commitment made some years ago.

Feb 19 2019

In a visit to Goulburn yesterday, NSW Labor leader, Michael Daley announced that a government led by him would increase funding to upgrade the base hospital to $200 million.


Mr Daley was accompanied by Shadow health minister, Walt Secord and Labor candidate, Ursula Stephens.


Mr Daley says the current government is promising $150 million, but this was $50 million short of what was needed to properly deliver the upgrade.


He added that Labor's commitment would cover additional car parking and an MRI machine.


Mr Daley pointed to his party's priorities towards investment in health and hospitals and said that Goulburn hospital was one under the most pressure in rural and regional NSW.

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