Dec 13 2017

New Rural Crime Prevention teams for the state's rural areas have been announced by the NSW Police Force.


To be overseen by the state Rural Crime Coordinator, the teams will work across northern, southern and central NSW and are designed for greater focus on proactivity and prevention.


Commissioner Mick Fuller added that the new model would renew focus on community engagement and prevention of crime.


Deputy commissioner Gary Worboys says improvements are continually being made so that police can target and respond to stock theft, trespass and illegal hunting.


He says more specially trained rural crime officers will be clustered in regional centres to target and prevent crime and respond quickly when it occurs.

Dec 08 2017

While formal advice is being awaited on what conditions there will be on the approval of a Performing arts centre in Goulburn's CBD, the local council is already pre-empting the thinking needed.


The Mc Dermott Centre is to be transformed into a 400 seat Performing arts facility but this week's meeting of the Joint Regional Planning Panel imposed a list of conditions.


The strongest of these is expected to be parking provision.


Goulburn Mulwaree General manger, Warrick Bennett says he is anticipating the adjustment of parking in front of the new facility.

Dec 08 2017

The Upper Lachlan Shire Council has applauded two of its employees for their initiative to raise funds for Mens Health issues through the Movember Foundation.


Senior Waste Operator, Steve Trickett had been growing his beard for more than a year and in the process conducting weekly pub raffles.


The beard has now come off.


He and partner, Susie Pearman who works in council's administration section, set out to raise $5,000 for the Movember Foundation, but instead have raised more than $15,000.


Council General manager, John Bell has congratulated the pair, saying their efforts have produced a wonderful result.  


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