May 24 2017

Goulburn man, Lindsay Cosgrove has travelled north to take part in yet another Blazeaid campaign.


Blazeaid was established in 2009 to help with the aftermath of the Black Saturday Kilmore Fire in Victoria.


The restoration of fencing is perhaps the focus of the organisation but Mr Cosgrove says interacting with those affected by disaster is important.


The Goulburn man will work in the Logan River Valley which experienced devastating floods during Cyclone Debbie.


This will be Lindsay Cosgrove's fifth camp and he will be away for up to two months.

May 24 2017

The Public Education Alliance of teachers, parents and school principals steps up its campaign in Goulburn today to protect Gonski funding.


A spokesman says the campaign is to remind Federal Coalition MPs that the plan being proposed will mean significant funding cuts for all local schools.


A visit by the Gonski Mobile Billboard today goes to Goulburn West Primary and Goulburn High schools between 11.30am and shortly after two pm.


At 3.15 this afternoon the campaign moves to Federal member, Angus Taylor's office.


Figures released by the Teachers Federation reveal funding cuts to local schools in 2018 and 2019.


According to the figures Goulburn High will get $690,000 less, Mulwaree $670,000 less and Goulburn Public School more than $325,000 less.

May 24 2017

Work is underway to determine the amount of land available in Goulburn Mulwaree for housings future use.


An examination of urban and fringe housing capabilities is currently underway in Goulburn city and Marulan and also on land adjoining.


A meeting of council has been told that the study is addressing large lot residential land and small rural residential lots up to two hectares in size.


This study takes into account the fine detail of previous council decisions.


A discussion paper expected in September this year is also likely to consider housing approvals, remaining zoned housing lots and limitations in infrastructure


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