Jul 12 2012

Goulburn could become a major freight and maintenance hub if plans for a high speed rail network from Canberra to Sydney go ahead.

Canberra Airport's Managing Director Stephen Byron has released plans for a $140 million dollar terminal at the site.

Mr. Byron says the possibilities are very exciting.

Jul 11 2012

Chairperson of the local Aboriginal Lands Council Alfie Walker says recognising the traditional custodians of the land at council meetings would be a great idea.

Councillor Geoff Peterson brought up the idea of acknowledging the Wiradjuri people at council's last meeting.

Mr. Walker believes it's the right thing to do.

Jul 11 2012

A man's been charged with online child grooming offences - after being arrested between  Goulburn and Marulan

An investigation was launched - after a 14-year-old girl started having a sexually explicit  conversation with the 38-year-old man on a social networking site - before he  apparently asked to meet up.

The man was arrested just north of Goulburn near Towrang.

Police also raided his Goulburn  home - seizing a number of items for forensic examination.

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