Aug 03 2012

Goulburn Mulwaree Councillor Andrew Banfield says he'll be running for council again in September's upcoming election.

Mr. Banfield insists he's happy with how the current council have worked together and with what they've achieved.

He believes there's still some unfinished business.

Aug 02 2012

Students from Trinity Catholic College in Goulburn and Braidwood have attended the the annual Canberra CareersXpo at Exhibition Park.

Some seven thousand ACT and NSW school students were at the event with their parents or carers to explore career and post-school options.

Manager of the ACT Education Directorate Penny Butt says hopefully the students will have a better idea as to what they might like to do.

Aug 02 2012

With Olympic fever hitting the Southern Tablelands locals are being encouraged to send a personal message to Olympians Glen Turner, Emily Smith and Brooke Pratley.

Residents are being encouraged to visit the Commonwealth Bank between 9:30AM and 4PM between Monday and Thursday or between 9 and 5 on Friday.

Branch Manager in Goulburn Janelle Gay says on their return they'll be giving the athletes a diary with people's messages of support.

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