Jun 27 2019

As of the first of July, the Upper Lachlan Shire Council brings into effect its budget and intergrated plans.


The documents were adopted at the June 20th ordinary meeting of council and include delivery and workforce plans to 2022/23 and the operational plan for next financial year.


The long term financial and infrastructure plans consider developments until 2028.


In the twelve months there is ambitious captial expenditure totalling $14.2 million with substantial amounts for roads reconstruction and bridge replacement.


Water and sewerage main replacement and rehabilitation will attract almost a million dollars and street-scape programme implementation will cost $150,000.


There will be a 2.7% rise in general rates and increased charges for water, sewerage and waste management but ratepayers will pay no extra for stormwater annual charges.

Jun 26 2019

The Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council has secured a $500,000 grant to treat noxious weeds around the Braidwood area.


The money has been obtained under the Federal government's Communities Combating Pests and Weed Impacts During Drought programme.


It is to assist drought affected farmers with weed management, with this project covering 370 square kilometres of open grazing country around Braidwood.


Some of the best agricultural land in the region will be the subject of a local weed management plan aimed at protecting priority agricultural production.


The only known active infestation of Fireweed in the Queanbeyan Palerang council area at Googong will also be tackled as part of this effort. 

Jun 26 2019

Work on the establishment of the new brewery at South Goulburn is gathering pace.


Tribe Breweries has been active at the site for some months with many aspects of the project activated.


Tribe Founder, Anton Spits-a-lack says he is aiming for the Summer production of beer.

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