May 01 2019

The community of the Upper Lachlan Shire is being urged to consider the council's Operational plans.


Shire mayor, Councillor John Stafford says the draft operational initiatives set the priorities for the next year and as such must reflect the community's expectations.


Two significant projects in the next several years are the $5 million reconstruction of the Wombeyan Caves Road and the $3.5 million Grabine Road reconstruction project.


A series of outreach meetings will be held in the Upper Lachlan within the next four weeks with the first to be held at Taralga this evening.


Councillor Stafford is encouraging all community members to view the council's draft plan and attend their nearest Outreach meeting.

Apr 30 2019

The statutory Bushfire Danger Period in the Southern Tablelands ends today.


From the beginning of May, fire permits will no longer be required of residents in the local government areas of Goulburn Mulwaree, Upper Lachlan and Yass Valley.


The exception is for residents living in the town limits of Goulburn, Crookwell and Yass who are still required to obtain a fire permit from Fire and Rescue NSW.


Rural Fire Services say the public must still abide by the law when conducting hazard or pile burning with residents notifying neighbours and fire authorities, 24 hours before burning.

Apr 30 2019

Residents throughout the entire area of Goulburn Mulwaree Council next weekend will be able to take bulky goods to waste centres free of charge.


The council is allowing the free disposal of two mattresses, 2 fridge/freezers, one air-conditioner and a cubic metre of e-waste such as computers and accessories and fax machines.


This waste will be accepted on the 4th and 5th of May at Goulburn, Marulan and Tarago waste centres between 7am and 4pm.

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