Dec 14 2018

Members of parliament representing the Goulburn region are lobbying for funding under Round 4 of the Federal government's Mobile Black Spot programme.


Applications under the latest round have been extended a further month until January 10th.


Federal member, Angus Taylor says with strong support from the Upper Lachlan, he is pushing for service improvements for a number of communities.


So far, there are four locations in the area for black spot attention- Grabben Gullen, Bigga, Curraweela and Bannister.


State member, Pru Goward says the extension of time for applications, is an opportunity for more communities to come forward and state their needs.

Dec 14 2018

The latest geophysical techniques are being used by Heron Resources to explore for minerals close to the Woodlawn mine site near Tarago.


This latest work represents a new regional investigation targeting base metals.


Heron Resources CEO, Wayne Taylor says the exploration programme is focused on the area around Woodlawn that has excellent potential for deposits.


Mr Taylor says anomolies discovered from surveys in the late 1990s and early 2000s will now be more closely inspected.

Dec 14 2018

Rain in the immediate Goulburn region seems to have been fairly well spread.


To 7.30 this morning Goulburn's official rainfall reading is listed at 29.4 millimetres with the heaviest dumping of about 7 mils last night between 11 and 11.30.


It means that since mid-week, Goulburn has received a touch more than 45 millimetres of rain.


A residence at North Goulburn checked 18 millimetres to 9 o'clock yesterday morning and another 13 mils to 2.30 yesterday afternoon.


Other reports say there were 27 millimetres received at Yarra to midday yesterday and at Currawang 45 mils to 7.15 this morning


On Bullspitt Road at Brayton, one property recorded 51 millimetres in the past 24 hours to about 6.30 this morning.


There were another 13 mils on the previous day.

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