Nov 19 2019

A Local Land Services programme is enabling the control of erosion on Goulburn District farmland.


The latest South East Local Land Services circular describes the success which farmer, Mark Hart has had on a 180 hectare property at Gurrundah.


Through the LLS Rural Landscapes Programme, the grazier says he has been able to significantly reduce the loss of soil and sediment from the property.


The Landscapes initiative is a joint effort between South East Land Services and Water NSW.


It provides funding assistance for fencing creeks and waterways, erosion control, planting native species and installing alternate water systems.


Nov 11 2019

A delegation from the Japanese city of Shibetsu is being welcomed in Goulburn today as part of the growing sister relationship between the two.


The visit marks 20 years since a formal connection was made by the then Goulburn city council mayor, Margaret O'Neill.


Shibetsu delegation members are spending three days here and will be treated to a number of mayoral receptions and events.


These include a dedication ceremony of the traditional Japanese garden- the Shibetsu Garden- being built in Victoria Park.


Mayor, Bob Kirk says he has been looking forward to the visit as an opportunity to strengthen cultural, social and economic connections between the two regions.

Nov 11 2019

The Southern Region Police Enforcement Squad has scored a major win with the arrest of four people as part of investigations into alleged drug supply in the Monaro region.


Late last week, a 33 year old woman was arrested during a vehicle stop in Queanbeyan with a search leading to the seizure of nearly a kilogram of cannabis, allegedly secreted in the vehicle.


She faces 27 counts of supplying a prohibited drug.


Shortly after, a 53 year old woman was arrested and charged with drug supply following a search warrant executed on premises at Karabar.


Another search warrant at a home in Queanbeyan allegedly located drugs, knuckle dusters, electronic surveillance equipment, mobile phones and cash.


As a result a woman in her 30s was charged with 67 counts of drug supply and associated charges.


A 17 year old boy at the premises was charged with drug possession and 12 counts of supply.

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