Sep 22 2017


The Joint Regional Planning Panel which will decide on a Performing Arts centre in Goulburn will soon receive the information it has asked for from the Goulburn Mulwaree Council.


A panel hearing in Goulburn earlier in the year asked for more information concerning various issues.


The strongest amongst these was that of parking and now the council has carried out a complete analysis of parking availability within minutes walk of the proposed facility at the Mc Dermott Centre.


The Joint Regional Planning Panel will also be told that four disabled parking spots will be provided in front of the centre.


Council is also proposing relocation of the bus stop in front of the National Bank to provide a drop off point for those attending shows.


Council's submission should be ready in the next fortnight.

Sep 22 2017

A small ceremony at the Kenmore Hospital War Memorial in Goulburn today witnessed the extraction of a sample of soil which will be featured at the Anzac memorial in Sydney's Hyde park.


The earth was taken by the State minister for Veterans Affairs, David Elliott in the company of local returned servicemen, school children and Goulburn Mulwaree Council officials.


State member, Pru Goward also witnessed the occasion.


Mr Elliott told the gathering that the Goulburn site was one of more than 1600 across NSW where soil was being retrieved and where young soldiers hads enlisted to fight in the wars.

Sep 20 2017

The attractiveness of living in cities like Goulburn is emphasised in the latest housing figures for Canberra.


In the Canberra Times today, its reported that ACT property prices have continued to surge.


A report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics says that for the three months to June, Canberra residential prices grew by nearly 8 per cent compared with the same time last year.


The growth is the second strongest in recent years, superceded only by the March quarter of nearly 9 per cent.


The Housing Industry Association says low interest rates, tight land releases and interest from interstate and international investors have contributed to the growth in prices.

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