Dec 13 2017

Following the efforts of community groups to help a struggling people in the south of Uganda, the Goulburn Mulwaree Council has decided to formalise a friendship agreement.


The relationship with the Ba Twa people of Kisoro was initiated at last night's meeting of council through the introduction of a mayoral minute.


This followed an address by Mr Roger Ellem who has visited Kisoro and who was told that the Ba Twa would be extinct within two years.


Mayor Kirk last night told council that Mr Ellem wanted support from the Goulburn business community for the improvement of the Ba Twa peoples' lot.


Council last night supported a recommendation from Mayor Kirk to establish a friendship city relationship to act as a promotional strategy to raise money from the region's business and community.  

Dec 13 2017

Inspite of concerns about the treatment of new paving in Goulburn's main street, the council has endorsed completion of the project.


Asphalt repairs had been done by telecommunications workers and the standard of work was criticised by Goulburn Mulwaree mayor, Bob Kirk.


Last night's meeting of council agreed to complete the footpath paving in Auburn street between Verner and Clinton streets.


Council has accepted a tender for almost $650,000 from the Starcon group of Greenacre.


Councillors were told that the costs of unsightly repairs would be met by the telecommunications providers.

Dec 13 2017

Another substantial residential subdivision is being planned for Goulburn, this time on the Mary's Mount road.


The proposal is for two stages of development which would create 393 building blocks and another 20 hectare block with an additional residual block.


To be developed at 133 Mary's Mount road, the site presently consists of two large dwellings.


There is a heritage listed homestead with associated sheds on elevated ground in the northwest of the site and a second dwelling and other structures against the western boundary.


It is proposed that stage one will incorporate a 20 hectare block encompassing the heritage dwelling.


Stage two will be the development of the 393 residential holdings. 


Goulburn Mulwaree council will consider the development of blocks- 700 square metres in size.

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