Apr 18 2019

Four young people, including three from high schools in Goulburn, have been successful in being selected to walk the Kokoda Track in New Guinea later in the year.


They have been picked through the Goulburn RSL Kokoda Youth Leadership programme which started in 2008.


Those to make the trip are Elise Thornthwaite, a university student in Canberra, from Trinity Catholic College, Jack Burke and Alex Parlett and from Goulburn High school, Blake Robertson.


They've already started their physical training programmes and will attend a compulsory workshop at Canterbury Hurlstone Park in May.

Apr 17 2019

Goulburn man, Rod Roberts has been successful in his bid to enter state politics, now elected to the NSW Upper House.


As a candidate for the One Nation party, Mr Robertss joins his state leader, Mark Lathan as a legislative councillor.


In the counting process he won the last available seat.


Mr Roberts admits to being nervous and excited to now occupy a position which will influence government decisions.


As a former police officer, he says he expects his experience will assist him in his Legislative Council work.

Apr 16 2019

Two men from Victoria appear in Goulburn court next month on separate counts of possessing a large amount of cash and drugs.


The two were in a car which was stopped by police in Hume street, Goulburn on Saturday as part of a random breath testing operation.


As a result of a search, its alleged in excess of $100,000 in cash was located.


A 27 year old Victorian man was issued with a court attendance notice for May 22nd in relation to having goods in custody suspected of being stolen or unlawfully obtained.


It is alleged that 13 grams of cannabis were also discovered and another man will appear in court on May 29 in relation to possessing a prohibited drug.

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