Apr 20 2017

Two young people from Goulburn has been chosen to trek Kokoda in the New Guinean highlands later this year.


The Goulburn Soldiers club has gone through a selection process with twelve potential candidates for the trip in 



Tyler Dunbar from Trinity Catholic College is in year ten and he will be joined by Xanthe Britton, a year twelve student at the Goulburn High School.


Following interviews with officials of the Soldiers club, both have qualified for $6000 scholarships, which will allow them to make the trip to New Guinea.


They will leave in late September and return on October 4th.

Apr 20 2017

Inspite of set backs, the Goulburn Mulwaree council will continue to push its status for being able to accept business affected by growth pressues in the Sydney basin.


A local submission will be made to the NSW government Upper House inquiry into regional development and a 'Global Sydney'.


The argument is that Sydney's growing prominence as a global city can enhance regional development in NSW,


Mayor Bob Kirk says the government must acknowledge that regional NSW has major growth potential and is more than capable of addressing business needs and growth.


The loss of four hundred jobs to Goulburn recently is still on Councillor Kirk's mind and he says government has major responsibility to ensure other jobs are not lost.


The Upper House inquiry will identify sectors of the economy which can provide the greatest opportunities for regional development.


Apr 20 2017

The Southern NSW Alpaca regional show takes place in Goulburn at the end of May.


Goulburn's Peden pavillion will be the centre of activity and event convenor, Angela Smith says the event will present the best of the best in Alpacas.


She says exhibitors will travel from a wide area.


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