Aug 22 2019

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council has accepted that there is a need to investigate the viability of a new community transport service funded by council.


A motion before this week's meeting of councillors was that a community transport service not recommence.


The meeting was told that transport was now being provided by the Valmar group and further, Transport NSW would not allocate two contracts for community service in this region.


However on the motion of Councillor Sam Rowland, other members accepted there was need to start up a working party to investigate.


Councillor Rowland says with an aging population its warranted that an investigation be made.

Aug 22 2019

The driver of a heavy vehicle on the Hume highway yesterday felt the full force of Roads and Maritime Services and the police.


On being pulled up at the heavy vehicle safety station at Marulan, it is reported the Victorian driver could not produce a work diary as required by law.


Checks also revealed that visiting driver privileges had been suspended in NSW.


It is also alleged that a radar detector was located within the truck.


An inspection of the vehicle also alleges that brakes were defective and that the driver's seatbelt was not functional.


After speaking with police, the driver failed a sobriety assessment and was taken to Goulburn Base Hospital for a blood test.


A court attendance notice has been issued for being an unlicensed driver and there are penalty and breach notices for not keeping a work diary and for using a vehicle with a radar detector.


There is a defect notice on the prime mover and the driver has been directed to rest for 24 hours.

Aug 20 2019

Stock producers are being urged to watch their animals carefully as the southern area moves into warmer days.


Lambing and calving of stock is now underway and Local Land Services says the patchy nature of the season means that animal nutrition is important.


South East Land Services advisor, Matt Leischke says producers should aim to avoid difficulties experienced last year.

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