Jul 26 2017

A food safety forum in Goulburn last week attracted more than a hundred participants and was the first of its kind held in the city.


The Goulburn Mulwaree council joined with the NSW Food Authority to conduct the food safety compliance session.


Mayor, Bob Kirk was pleased with the strong attendance and said it opened his eyes to the stringent regulations which food businesses had to meet.


Goulburn Mulwaree's Environmental Health Officer, Sarah Walsh says the event was successful and was important in developing long-term relationships with business.

Jul 26 2017

The community of Bannister between Goulburn and Crookwell has launched a campaign to have the local hall developed as a social hub.


It is aimed at making the Bannister hall an inviting place where many of the district's activities can be conducted, maybe even dances.


Spokesman, Russell Erwin says as part of strengthening the identity of the area, the Hall committee is working to make a permanent display of the life and personalities over the years.


The committee is seeking photographs and documents from anyone who has had a connection with the district.


Mr Erwin says any material received will be copied, acknowledged and recorded and if necessary returned to the sender.


The committee also hopes that in the warmer weather there will be a "Back to Bannister" Day.

Jul 26 2017

Tenders are being called for the design of a project which will see recycled waste water pumped to green areas such as Belmore and Victoria parks in Goulburn.


The tenders are being called by Goulburn Mulwaree council which does not have the resources or the staff for the design work.


Goulburn Mulwaree general manager, Warrick Bennett says its hoped to start work on the waste water distribution project in the middle of next year.


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