Feb 08 2019

A 28 year old Goulburn truck driver was taken to hospital yesterday after his vehicle careered off the road.


The accident happened on the Mountain Ash road about five kilometres from Jerrawa road.


It saw a prime mover and tanker completely roll over, after the vehicle negotiated a right hand bend and finished up in a dried river bed.


The prime mover cabin was completely destroyed in the accident and the driver was taken to Goulburn hospital and treated for back injuries.

Feb 07 2019

Goulburn Mulwaree council is not accepting that it is solely responsible for the mess caused by pigeons in the city area.


This week's meeting of council considered a report on the situation.


It resolved to advise property owners in Goulburn that the control of pigeons is an owner responsibility and not totally under the umbrella of council.


Councillor Leah Ferrara said it was a grey area and conceded that the issue was virtually unsolvable.


Council is also adopting a plan of action to take to property owners and it includes an offer to contribute dollar for dollar to a fund to address the pigeon situation.

Feb 07 2019

Goulburn residents who live close to the Wollondilly river will have the chance to give their opinions on proposed water ski operations on the waterway.


The Barefoot Water ski club wants to set up regular activity on the Copford Reach section of the Wollondilly and at its meeting this week, the Goulburn Mulwaree council approved a 28 day public consultation.


During the time, the club is being allowed a trial period of three days per week.


Activity is being allowed from 9am to 7pm on the three days.

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