Oct 18 2017

Goulburn Mulwaree Council has taken another step to improve traffic congestion in the business area in the south of the city.


Following negotiations with landowners in the Lockyer street and Tait Crescent precinct, the council last night formally endorsed the acquisition of land necessary to dedicate a road.


Goulburn Mulwaree council's Warrick Bennett says construction of the road will take place in 2018/19.

Oct 18 2017

Students from Wollondilly and East Goulburn Public Schools will learn about the creativity of Drumming in a workshop tomorrow.


Twenty young people from Wollondilly and another fifteen from East will form the workshop contingent.


The session will be led by Seneg-alese born drummer, Yocou Mbaye who will share the role that drumming plays in West African culture and the significance of the techniques used.


Students and teachers will be encouraged to create their own repertoire by using alternative percussion such as buckets, drums and bins.

Oct 18 2017

Federal member, Angus Taylor is saying the government's new National Energy Guarantee is the system which will deliver more affordable and reliable electricity.


This would ensure that Australian families and businesses can access the baseload energy they need, when they need it.


Mr Taylor says energy retailers must guarantee that they will be able to provide reliable and affordable power.


The National energy initiative will also set up a guarantee to contribute to Australia's international commitment on emissions.

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