Aug 01 2019

If Community Energy for Goulburn is successful in its bid for a $2 million state government grant, the group is hopeful that its solar array farm in the city could be switched on next year.


The state money would allow for a complex of lithium batteries to be included in the construct.


The group has announced that Australian firm, Como Pty Ltd has signed a contract to build the solar facility.

Jul 30 2019

A $242,000 upgrade of Taralga's Goodhew Park has been officially opened.


It has been performed by State member, Wendy Tuckerman and Upper Lachlan Mayor, John Stafford.


The revitalisation project includes a new toilet block with disabled facilities, the repair and installation of new playground equipment and associated drainage works.


There is also a new easy-access barbeque with shelters and picnic benches.


Partly funded by a $50,000 state grant, member, Wendy Tuckerman says the government has been pleased to support the project.


Mayor, John Stafford says with increased tourist traffic through Taralga, the Goodhew Park upgrade will encourage more travellers to stop and spend time in Taralga.

Jul 30 2019

Federal member, Angus Taylor yesterday addressed parliament on allegations of improper conduct levelled against him.


The allegations, in part, concern discussions Mr Taylor had with farmers from Boorowa, Goulburn and Yass in late 2016 and early the following year.


These relate to a revised listing in the Environment Protection and Biosecurity Conservation Act concerning natural temperate grasslands on the Southern Tablelands.


Mr Taylor told parliament that there were strong and detailed concerns about the listing with strong  antagonism expressed by the farming community.


The federal member argued that the revised listing would ultimately halt pasture improvement and efficient weed control across the Southern Tablelands and the Monaro.


Dismissing allegations, Mr Taylor said his focus was on advocating for the interests of the farmers in his electorate and across the region.

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