Apr 04 2017


The Goulburn Mulwaree council is now awaiting a court decision on an eleven thousand plot cemetery at Marulan

proposed by the Al Mabarat society.


A site inspection has been undertaken by the court and this was followed with the presentation of evidence from sixteen objectors.


The court has also heard evidence in relation to the permissibility of the development and its management.


All that remains now is for the court to hear closing submissions from both parties' legal representatives and this will take place on the 23rd of June.

Apr 03 2017

Goulburn Mulwaree Rotary club officials are beaming at the success of the club's annual swap meet at the weekend


Thousands of people flowed through the gate at the Recreation area and it estimated there were more than four hundred stalls.


Swap meet chairman, Bob Morgan says he was impressed with the presentation and the mix of the offering this year.

Apr 03 2017

A collaboration has been struck between Goulburn Mulwaree Council and Trinity catholic college in relation to the development of the Smart City Action Plan.


Trinity students have been involved in the 'digital democracy' consultation process through the 'Your Say Goulburn' portal which encourages a survey.


The students have made suggestions for an internet cafe or tech based space where youth can meet and also increasing public WiFi to parks and playground areas.


Another suggestion is for the use of intelligent parking systems to show occupied and unoccupied spaces for vehicle parking.


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