Jul 13 2017

It is hoped that work on a new pavillion at Goulburn's Seiffert oval can start this year.


The latest batch of development applications released by the Goulburn Mulwaree council show approval for the project.


As part of the establishment, there will be a multifunction area, two change rooms each with showers and toilets and brand new bathrooms for females and males.


There will also be a kitchenette for cooking and catering purposes and a changeroom specifically for officials.


The commencement date for the new Seiffert oval structure will depend in part on approval of a grant application to government.

Jul 13 2017

It is likely that the future of a proposal to establish a quarry near Goulburn on the Bullamalita road will be decided at next week's meeting of Goulburn Mulwaree Council.


It is proposed that an extraction pit be developed at 984 Bullamalita Road but the development is meeting with strong communty opposition.


Residents of the area are saying that Bullamalita road in its current form is not suitable for heavy vehicle use.


Attention has also been drawn to the fact that there are numerous bends in the road with the claim that it is impossible for two cars to pass each, due to the road's camber.


Next Tuesday's meeting is expected to see a sizable roll-up of people who live on the road. 

Jul 10 2017

Traffic into and out of Goulburn to the north of the city was disrupted on Saturday with police closing down the Sydney road.


In the early hours of Saturday morning, people from a motel in that area were evacuated after a leak was detected in a large gas cylinder at a service station.


Emergency services were called to the service station just after 1.30am.


Police say Goulburn road was closed between Long street and the Hume highway until at least 7.30 on Saturday morning.


A technician was called in to make repairs to the leak and businesses in the area were closed until all was made good.


Diversions were in place and access to the city was available from the highway via the south entrance.


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