May 15 2017

Four people have been injured after a single car crash south of Goulburn on Saturday.


Emergency services were called to the southbound lanes of the Federal highway early Saturday morning.


The accident near the intersection of Wollogorang road saw two men, a woman and a child taken to the Canberra hospital.


Of the four, the woman, who received head injuries, was the most seriously hurt.


Officers from the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit are examining the events leading up to the crash.

May 15 2017

The Goulburn Chamber of Commerce is pressing ahead with a campaign to attract more business investment to the city.


This is a focus of the chamber's new business development manager, Geoff Kettle.


The former mayor says it is important to create as smooth a path as possible for businesses wanting to move here.


He says he wants to work closely with local government to ensure there are as few obstacles as possible.

May 12 2017

Visitors to Crookwell this weekend for the Potato Festival will have a full programme.


This is the seventh year that the festival has been held and is a celebration of the potato industry on the Southern Tablelands over its 150 year history.


Upper Lachlan Mayor, Brian Mc Cormack OAM says there will be plenty to see and do.


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