Aug 28 2017

Design work is well advanced for the extension of Sanctuary Drive to service new residential lots near the Wollondilly River in the Clyde street precinct.


The new road will loop from River street, through Clyde street and then join again at the bottom end of Clyde street.


The Goulburn Mulwaree council has been engaged in the acquisition of parcels of land in the area and General Manager, Warrick Bennett says this process will be completed soon.

Aug 25 2017

Police have arrested a man on a string of weapons possession charges following investigations in the Southern Highlands area.


Officers from the Camden Command were investigating the theft of a 1979 Holden Utility from a property at Tahmoor as well as an assault at the same address.


They were called to the same address yesterday after reports of the male occupant being intimidated.


As a result, police have arrested a 47 year old man in his car, allegedly seizing a knife, extendable baton and ammunition.


Later police executed a search warrant on a home at Pheasant's Nest where they located a 1979 Holden Ut, two pen-guns, five rifles, a baton, a set of knuckle dusters, railway detonators and various ammunition.


Inquiries are continuing.

Aug 25 2017

Goulburn Mulwaree residents are being alerted to annual council clean-up week which starts on Monday.


The bulky-waste cleanup encourages recycling and allows householders to undertake a clean-out of their homes as winter comes to an end.


Residents are asked to put their waste out for collection, the night prior to their normal weekly rubbish pick-up.


Individual items should be easily able to be lifted by two people and waste must be in safe piles of no more than two cubic metres per property.


Steel and bulky cardboard must be placed in separate piles, as this will be collected by Endeavour Industries.


Mattresses, tyres, fridges and air conditioners will not be accepted.


The clean-up lasts until Friday, September first.

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