Oct 22 2019

The hunt is on in the Goulburn area for people who have connections with three specific arenas of the Second World War.


An appeal has been made by Goulburn's Mulwaree High School Remembrance Museum for people with connections to the actions at Tobruk, the Battle of Britain and the Royal Navy cruiser, HMAS Perth.


The museum is hoping for stories, recollections, diaries, photos and other material which may be held by community members and which could be copied.


Remembrance Museum spokesperson, Bill Needham says any material will be added to what the museum already holds.

Oct 21 2019

Police investigations are continuing into a multi-vehicle accident near Bungendore, north of Canberra late last week.


Two cars and a truck collided on the Kings Highway, south of the intersection of the Kings highway and the Goulburn road.


Police say the driver of the truck stopped briefly after the crash before leaving the scene.


He was last seen travelling east on the Kings highway towards Braidwood- the truck described as a flat-bed possibly carrying a small crane on the back.


A 30 year old male had to be cut from the wreckage of one of the vehicles while a female in her 30s and a 32 year old man sustained non-life threatening injuries.


All were taken to Canberra hospital with the man in his 30s being airlifted from the scene.


Police are appealing for anyone who might have been travelling on the Kings Highway and have dashcam footage of the incident, to contact them.

Oct 21 2019

Even though there have been no public nominations received by council, for a second community transport service in Goulburn, the city fathers have elected to look further into the proposal.


A working party was being established with councillors Sam Rowland and Margaret O'Neill as council's representatives but there was no response for two members of the community to join.


Goulburn Mulwaree GM, Warrick Bennett says there will be comprehensive investigation into another service.

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