Aug 29 2017

A day to help the community understand the mental pressures which young people can experience will be held in Goulburn on Sunday, September tenth.


Headspace, Goulburn is organising the Out of the Shadows and into the Light Walk to put the emphasis on World Suicide Prevention Day.


Community Engagement and Youth worker for Headspace, Robyn Young says those walking to understand will gather at the Wollondilly walking track at Marsden Weir at eight o'clock on Sunday morning, the 10th.

Aug 29 2017

The strengthening of laws concerning rural crime will go hand in hand with the education of police who serve country communities.


NSW police hierarchy has welcomed a report which recommends bolstering laws concerning stock theft,  trespass and illegal hunting.


Spokesman on rural matters, Assistant Commissioner, Geoff Mc Kechnie says the focus on education is important and appropriate.

Aug 28 2017

Rural policing is entering a new era following the acceptance of recommendations made by former NSW Assistant Commissioner, Steve Bradshaw.


Police command administration is viewing the work of the former commissioner at several levels and one of those centres around legislative change.


NSW Police spokesman on rural crime, Assistant Commissioner, Geoff McKechnie says another area deals with the way officers engage with victims and perpetrators of crime in country areas.

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