Apr 10 2017

A historic cemetery near Goulburn has been acquired by the NSW government to preserve its significance.


The minister for Lands, Paul Toole says the acquisition has been made by the Department of Industry and will be sold back to the local community for one dollar.


Mr Toole says the Forest Cemetery at Middle Arm will remain in community hands.


The historic site is one of great significance to the community, particularly the small band of dedicated locals who have maintained the area for decades.


The cemetery is the final resting place for around forty locals, six of whom served in either the First or Second 

World wars.


State member, Pru Goward says Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW have been negotiating with Goulburn Mulwaree Council to find a community solution.


This has meant that the Forest Community Association will continue to care for the site.

Apr 04 2017

A place and space dedicated to the physical and mental wellbeing of young people in the Goulburn region will present itself in an information session later today.


Headspace is located in offices at 13 to 17 Verner street, Goulburn and will showcase what it has to offer between 5.30 and seven o'clock this evening.


Headspace community engagement officer, Caitlyn Middleton says it is a service which has been strongly advocated.


She says young people to the age of 25 can access a range of services.

Apr 04 2017

The leader of the Catholic church in Canberra and Goulburn, Archbishop Christopher Prowse says the church faces a tough battle in its relations with many who have suffered sexual abuse.


Archbishop Prowse wants to stand alongside victims, who within the church, have undergone the trauma.


He says victims want reassurance that what happened before will never happen again.


The question was being asked could the church and its organisations be trusted to provide a safe environment


Archbishop Prowse says there is work to do in this regard and the church would value the contribution of sexual abuse victims, should they wish to make it.

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