Feb 11 2019

A 38 year old truck driver has been charged in connection with the death of a cyclist on the Federal highway at Sutton on Saturday.


Emergency services were called to the scene mid-morning and found that a 49 year old cyclist, a New Zealand national, had been hit by a truck.


He died at the scene.


The truck driver from Glendenning was taken to Queanbeyan hospital for mandatory testing.


Following investigations by the Lake Illawarra Crash Investigation Unit, the 38 year old was charged.


He will appear in the Queanbeyan court on March 25 on charges of dangerous driving occasioning death and negligent driving occasioning death.

Feb 08 2019

One Nation candidate for the state seat of Goulburn, Richard Orchard is saying that the Goulburn Mulwaree area is way ahead of many other centres in the electorate.


Mr Orchard met with council officials on Wednesday to be briefed on the organisation's priority list for funding.


After being informed of the Aquatic centre redevelopment, the proposed Rail Trail, road infrastructure, recycling of waste water and the proposed hockey centre, Mr Orchard said it is good to see a council so proactive.


Council was complimented for having several proposals ready to go and simply needing state and federal government support to move ahead.

Feb 08 2019

State member, Pru Goward and Liberal candidate for Goulburn, Wendy Tuckerman have joined in re-affirming and welcoming a government commitment to upgrade the Yass Water Treatment Plant.


Last year, $1.2 million in funding was given to the Yass Valley council to develop a business plan for the project.


Once the business plan is finalised, Goward and Tuckerman say a Liberals Nationals government will make available $1 billion from the Safe and Secure Water Infrastructure programme.


Ms Tuckerman says she has heard of the battle for quality water supply in Yass and with state member, Goward has reaffirmed the commitment made.

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