Nov 17 2017

In the wake of the same sex marriage plebiscite, Federal member, Angus Taylor says it is crucial for there to be respect for people who hold different opinions.


Mr Taylor says that in some overseas countries there have been bullying tactics of one side against the other.


He says he is confident that Australian legislation will take into consideration all in the community.

Nov 16 2017

The latest drilling programme to explore mineral deposits at the Woodlawn mine, south of Goulburn has led Heron Resources to up-grade its expectations for when mining operations commence.


In the G2 Lens section three key mineralised areas have been identified.


Heron Resources wholly owns the Zinc Copper project at Woodlawn and company CEO, Wayne Taylor says the upgrade indicates immediate results when mining starts.

Nov 16 2017

The Crookwell Garden festival committee is enhancing its year with a healthy donation to the community.


Festival president, Jan Pont says the weekend festival finished with an excellent result and witnessed a 38 per cent increase in attendance with many coming from Canberra.


A donation of $6,800 is being presented to the Crookwell Community Trust, an organisation which offers public assistance.


Jan Pont says planning for a festival started three years ago with the committee not really knowing what the result would be.


The intention was simple- to showcase the town of Crookwell and the beautiful gardens in the area.


Last weekend's event attracted between twelve and fourteen hundred people.

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