Apr 05 2019

Fund raising to enable the appointment of a Special Neurological nurse to cater locally for sufferers of Parkinsons' disease and other disorders continues with a function in Goulburn next week.


Local couple, Gill and Michael O'Connor, who himself is a Parkinsons sufferer have organised a fund raiser dinner at the Goulburn Workers Club next Friday.


The two course meal will be complemented with raffles and entertainment by the Spooky Mens Chorale.


Mrs O'Connor says there are about 50 places left for the evening with the results contributing to achievements so far.

Apr 05 2019

The Wakefield Park Raceway in Goulburn and its owner, the Benalla Auto Club say they are keen to improve facilities at the Braidwood road location.


Track Operations manager, Dean Chapman says what seems like an impasse is stopping discussion and negotiation on noise levels which are acceptable to both council and nearby residents.


He says this is impeding track development which could be taking place.


Mr Chapman says Wakefield is trying hard to appease the situation with work on a number measures already underway.

Apr 05 2019

The distribution of preferences from the NSW election for the seat of Goulburn was made yesterday and figures confirmed the election of the Liberals, Wendy Tuckerman.


She polled 22,359 or 53.55 per cent of the vote to take the seat from Labor's Ursula Stephens who gained 19,398 votes.


This represents 46.45 per cent of the vote.


A total of 52,673 votes were cast in the Goulburn electorate and there were 1,616 informal votes.


The preference distribution yesterday was in effect a declaration of the poll.

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