May 16 2017

Workers compensation costs faced by Goulburn Mulwaree council are lower now then they were a decade ago.


Figures presented to councillors show council workers costs last year of less then two hundred thousand dollars.


This compares with more than $1.2 million in 2005.


As of the 31st of March this year there were twenty-one workers compensation claims, six of which were current.


Goulburn Mulwaree attributes its success to increased interaction with people injured, a health and well-being programme, staff participation in information and awareness sessions and regular visits from Safe Work NSW inspectors.

May 16 2017

It appears that Goulburn Mulwaree's mayor, Bob Kirk is gaining traction with NSW government policy advisors on establishing incentives for keeping business in the state.


Councillor Kirk has previously levelled criticism on the government for business squeezed out of western Sydney moving to Victoria.


Last week the mayor held talks with policy advisors for the Regional Development minister, John Barilaro.


Councillor Kirk says the advisiors' realisation of losing business from the state, is starting to sink in.

May 16 2017

A Goulburn make-up artist has been chosen to travel to Fiji for a major event there.


Diana Cheetham is the director of Canberra's annual red-carpet fashion show, FASHFEST, also a teacher and a professional make-up artist.


The Goulburn woman has now been selected to go to Fiji Fashion Week to be part of the Harlotte Cosmetics official make-up team.


Michelle Crofts of Harlotte Cosmetics selected Diana for her skill, creativity and flexible approach when working in the high pressure of back-stage fashion events.


Diana Cheetham has worked at Canberra's Fashfest for three years and is in charge of forty-five make-up stylists who produce high glamour looks.

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