Oct 23 2017

There has been a mixed reaction, more or less to the weather pattern which has affected the Goulburn region in the past day or so.


While more than half an inch of rain has been recorded in places, the accommpaniment of heavy hail in parts of the district has dulled the lustre of the wet.


The storm swept across the southern and western areas of the city unloading hail of differing intensities, in some places shredding trees and damaging gardens.


Police say that there have been no serious accidents associated with yesterday's storm although there was a report of a minor vehicle accident to the south of Goulburn.


Another also near the Big Merino at South Goulburn.

Oct 20 2017

A co-operative arrangement between the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery and Essential Energy will see drab electricial pillars in the city's CBD brightened up.


This will be with newly commissioned works by artists Virginia Arregui, Lynne Flemons and Kathy Orton.


Each was engaged through an expression of interest process last year for works that could be digitised and printed onto anti-graffiti laminate vinyl.


This is being used to wrap the electrical pillars with each hosting the individual artwork of the creator.


Art gallery director, Gina Mobayed says the project's aim is to engage the public in creative practices and to break down the idea that art only lives inside galleries.

Oct 20 2017

There will be a new principal at Goulburn's Trinity Catholic College next year.


It has been announced that Mrs Gaye McManus will assume the position in 2018.


Acting principal, Tanya Appleby has welcomed Mrs McManus to the Trinity community and will formally introduce her when she commences in the first term of next year.


Tanya Appleby will resume her role as Assistant Principal of Pedagogy and Performance, a position which overviews the college curriculum.


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