Oct 23 2019

More than $210,000 from the state government has been gainfully used in various enhancement projects in villages in the Goulburn Mulwaree area.


At Bungonia hall, $22,500 has been used for a community LED sign for notices and events and at Marulan, $54,000 was spent on a block of amenities at Tony Onions Park.


$13,400 has secured a community LED sign at the corner of Middle Arm road and Campbell's Lane while the Uniting Church hall in Parkesbourne village, had a wheelchair and diability access from $14,000 provided.


Tarago village has installed a new outdoor playground suitable for pre-school children at the Memorial Park as a result of a $29,000 allocation.


For nearly $18,000 there is a community LED sign at the Towrang hall as well as a refurbishment of the barbeque area.


A grant of $23,000 has enabled the installation of a storage shed at Windellama showground for Little Athletics equipment storage and air-conditioning facilities have also gone into the Windellama hall.


In Tallong village $27,000 will enable an electrical upgrade, installation of a 30,000 litre tank with pump for the hall and a gazebo for the village's Memorial Park.

Oct 23 2019

An organisation linked with the Primary Health Network, Co-ordinaire is recognising the stress created in rural communities through the on-going drought.


Pa2Health has announced a free four-week health and well-being challenge to residents of the Shoalhaven and southern NSW.


Pa2Health CEO, Judy Davie says getting physically and mentally healthy is particularly difficult to achieve for farmers and their families with the continuing drought.


With funding from the Health Network, Co-ordinaire, 550 residents in the southern area will be able to take part in a free digital health service.


It combines stress and sleep strategies, health eating, psychology and exercise to suit all fitness levels.

Oct 22 2019

Motor cycle safety will be to the fore in the Goulburn Mulwaree area this week, as the 'Look for Joe Rider' campaign gets underway.


As part of Motorcycle Awareness Month, the campaign is designed to make motorists aware that other road users can be on motorbikes.


Joe Rider, in a bright pink vest, will travel around Goulburn and surrounds and those who spot him can enter for a chance to win one of two $50 fuel vouchers each weekday.


A $50 voucher will also be given away at the end of the week to someone who looked and registered in the scheme, but didn't spot the pink vested Joe.


Entries can be made online or through council's Facebook Page.

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