Apr 11 2017

The Upper Lachlan Shire council has decided to voice objection to the latest move by AGL in its campaign for a power station at Dalton.


Sixty people packed the Gunning council chambers last night, to hear council's arguments on the matter.


AGL is asking for another two years to consider its plans for a peaking gas-power plant on a Dalton property.


Council's objection to the extension of time was unanimous.


Apr 10 2017

Discussions at tonight's extraordinary meeting of the Upper Lachlan Shire council will consider its stance in relation to the establishment of a gas-fired power station at Dalton, near Gunning.


The meeting follows an information session in Dalton last week and re-newed public discussion of the plans by the AGL company to revisit its campaign for the plant.


Specifically, Upper Lachlan councillors will consider lodging an objection to an extension of time being sought by AGL to consider its plans.

Apr 10 2017

A man has been charged by police following a fatal collision  south of Goulburn at the weekend.


Shortly before four o'clock on Saturday afternoon emergency services were called to the Braidwood road at Tarago after reports of a motor vehicle colliding with the rear of a motorcyclist who was travelling with a male rider.


The rider of the motorcycle, a 43 year old woman, died at the scene while the second rider, a 45 year old man was uninjured.


A 27 year old man driving a utility also received no injuries.


Police investigations led to the arrest of a 27 year old man at the scene, who was taken to Goulburn Base Hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing.


He has been charged with negligent driving occasioning death and will appear in Goulburn court on May third.

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