Oct 26 2017

Planners with the Goulburn Mulwaree Council are now considering several major initiatives.


The Outdoor Dining policy and Outdoor Dining guidelines were considered by council in June and placed both these documents on public exhibition.


Submissions, including documents from the Goulburn and Marulan Chambers of Commerce are now being reviewed and its expected a report will go to councillors in November.


The long expected Heritage study has also received public comment and this is being evaluated with a report before the end of the year.


Submissions regarding a Multi-level car park at the Goulburn Workers Club closed last Thursday and these are also under the Planning department microscope. 

Oct 23 2017


The effects of high speed rail on a community will be studied overseas by state member for Goulburn, Pru Goward.


According to the state member, the future of Goulburn is very much tied to its residents' ability to commute to both Sydney and Canberra.


In the next two weeks, Ms Goward will be in Spain, which she says has made great inroads into regional development through fast rail.

Oct 23 2017

The organisation looking to establish high speed rail and regional cities in the Sydney Melbourne corridor, says it is pleased with the support it has received from local government in the corridor.


CLARA CEO, Nick Cleary says he has received written support from Goulburn Mulwaree, Yass Valley shire councils and the Cootamundra Gundagai Regional council.


Mr Cleary says community will, generated by engagement is critical to the success of any proposed rezoning and the ultimate success of the CLARA plan for new regional cities.


Consolidated Land and Rail Australia is excited to have councils' support and is seeking the approval from all levels of government.

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