Feb 11 2019

The Australian Blues festival in Goulburn at the weekend not only produced the usual high standard of music, but also highlighted emerging young musicians.


The Goulburn Club saw local students and their music teachers perform to a packed venue for three hours as part of the Youth in Blues.


Observers say the audience appreciated and were impressed by the students' work.


Students are being congratulated for trying a different music genre than what they might normally play, from a song by Grammy award winning, Etta James to original pieces.


Extraordinary talent performed on the night and it is expected many young local singers will continue to explore Blues music.

Feb 11 2019

Goulburn's 288 Australian Cadet Unit has commenced recruitment for 2019.


Officer Commanding, Captain Allan Caldow says recruitment sessions are aimed at interested young people and are being conducted today and next Monday.


The sessions take place each day at Suvla Barracks at 74 Auburn street, between 4 and 6pm on both days.


Captain Caldow says the drive follows some present members of the unit, successfully completing junior and senior promotions courses at Richmond and in Canberra.


Feb 11 2019

After pursuing late payers for the past year, Goulburn's Endeavour Industries is considering the appointment of a debt collection agency to chase those who refuse to pay on time.


Endeavour Board chair, Geoff Kettle says the decision was made as senior managers were spending too much time on the problem.


When the issue was identified last year, management made personal approaches to debtors asking to pay their bills, some of which ran into thousands of dollars.


Mr Kettle says some of those approached were big name franchises.


Endeavour Industries employs some of the most vulnerable people in the community.


General manager, Sonya White has drawn up a list of potential debt collection agencies and is expected to soon finalise new arrangements.

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