Apr 08 2019

Goulburn Mulwaree council's Operational Plan will be placed on public exhibition this week and the community is being invited to comment.


The plan for 2019/20 proposes an ambitious list of capital works including construction of the Performing Arts Centre, the Japanese garden in Victoria Park, upgrades to the Waste management centre and other projects.


Increases in fees are also being suggested- a quarter of a per cent in both sewerage availability and user charges and the same rise in water usage and for having water available.


The domestic waste charge is proposed to rise by seven and a half per cent with the rural waste fee to face a 12 and a half per cent increase.


A report to council says commerical waste charges would rise from four to six and a half per cent with all tipping fees increasing by about seven and a half per cent.


Public comment on the Operational plan will be taken until the 17th of May. 

Apr 08 2019

A five week consultation programme seeking feedback on parking arrangements for the Goulburn Base Hospital upgrade, has now concluded.


There were drop-in sessions as well as email and written submissions.


A report to the Goulburn Mulwaree Council has noted that there was general support for the hospital re-development but some concern as to how timed parking restrictions would apply.


Council general manager, Warrick Bennett says council is eagerly awaiting a report on the issues from Health Infrastructure.

Apr 08 2019

Charges are being laid following the arrest of nine people at the Goulburn abattoir earlier today.


The presence at the abattoir is believed to be part of a nationally co-ordinated campaign by animal activists


It is reported that they chained themselves to a conveyor in the early hours of the morning and when the works owner asked them to leave, they allegedly refused.


Police Rescue officers cut the people free and they were arrested.


Three women allegedly refused to leave the abattoir and had to be carried to a police vehicle.


Three men, one aged 46 and two, 22 years of age along with six women aged between 21 and 61 now face charges.   

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