Jul 31 2012

Police have continued their crackdown on heavy vehicle drivers near Goulburn for speeding offences as part of Operation Explorer which started on Sunday night.

Highway Patrol officers are being stationed at various locations across the state including Marulan until 12PM on Tuesday.

Inspector Phil Brooks says they'll continue to clamp down on trucking companies that tamper with speed limiters.

Jul 31 2012

Goulburn Mulwaree's Citizen of the year Alfie Walker will be nominating for September's Local Government elections.

Mr. Walker who'll be standing as an independent has just come back from Alice Springs as part of his work with Mission Australia.

As part of a team from NSW they helped their northern territory colleagues with case work structure.

He says the work can be challenging at the best of times.

Mr. Walker who's chairperson of the Aboriginal Lands Council was recognised for his work in the community on Australia Day this year being given a Citizen of the year award.

He believes he has much to offer the community.

In the meantime the Goulburn local says he'll be looking forward to hearing the concerns, aspirations and challenges that face residents.

Jul 31 2012

The Goulburn District Tourism Association are gearing up for The Country Regional and Living Expo this weekend aimed at attracting more people to our area.

More than nine thousand are expected at the expo with the focus on people looking to move to regional areas.

Secretary Megan Barnham says the feedback they get from people about Goulburn is extremely positive compared with neighbouring areas.

The show is free and is being held at The Rosehill Racecourse Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Ms. Barnham says Goulburn is very appealing to people because it's central and affordable.

Meantime anyone who has a business '' FOR SALE '' or has any jobs on offer they want promoted are being urged to contact the association as a matter of priority.

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