Sep 03 2012

Light snow fell in Goulburn on Friday evening about 5.30pm.

It didnít stay around long in the city, however conditions around the districtís
roads were hazardous.

Inspector Evan Cormby from Goulburn Police is thanking motorists for remaining calm and collected during the treacherous conditions.

Sep 02 2012

Sensis are looking for the next bunch of stars to be the front cover subject of next year's phonebooks in Goulburn.

The books to come out in June will have a theme based around keeping our communities healthy.

Spokesperson Damien Glass says they're looking for people who've gone to the enth degree to make a difference.

Sep 02 2012

Candidate for Goulburn Mulwaree Jason Shepherd has defended his ticket's lack of response to the Goulburn Group's questionnaire on climate change.

Liberal Party Vice President Richard Orchard has described two out of five replies from Mr. Shepherd's ticket as disappointing.

Just six out of 18 candidates in total answered back to the Goulburn Group.

Mr. Shepherd who answered the questionnaire insists he was writing on behalf of his ticket despite writing from his own perspective.†

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