Oct 03 2012

The Public Service Association will be holding a stop work meeting in GOULBURN on October 8 in protest to the O'Farrell Government's cuts to frontline services.

The meeting will be held at the Soldiers Club from 9AM till 1PM.

Assistant General Secretary of the PSA Steve Turner says they'll be broadcasting from 40 different locations across the state.

Sep 28 2012

Police will be out in increased numbers over this October Long Weekend paying particular attention to motorists speeding and not wearing seatbelts.

During last years Operation five people lost their lives on NSW roads.

More than 4100 were caught speeding and 370 motorists were charged for drink driving.

Senior Constable Lauren Maher from Police Headquarters says additional police will be
out on the Hume Highway.

Sep 27 2012

The deadline for the NSW Farmer of the Year Awards has been extended till October 5 to allow people to get all their information together and apply.

Alan McCormack who manages a 3,300 hectare mixed farm midway between Goulburn, Crookwell and Gunning was a runner up last year.

Chairman Maree Russell says they've changed the rules slightly for entries this year.

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