Oct 11 2012

Marulan residents are being asked to conserve water as of next Monday with Goulburn Mulwaree Council carrying out maintenance work on the town's water supply reservoir.

Council have arranged 135 kilolitres of backup water storage tanks during the work.

locals are being asked to minimise their water use despite these being filled regularly with water from the Marulan Water Treatment Plan.

The work will start from October 15 and should be completed by November five.

Oct 11 2012

8.5 million dollars that was originally intended to benefit regional areas including the Southern Tablelands will now be redirected to fund Star City Casino.

Shadow minister for regional and rural affairs, Mick Veitch, is slamming the O'Farrell government for the decision.

Mr. Veitch insists that despite the original scheme being a failure, the money had the potential to benefit regional communities.

He says that the funding needs to remain regionally focused.

Oct 10 2012

Goulburn Police were forced to break up a wild brawl between 15 pub goers at the Hibernian Hotel last Saturday night.

Officers arrived with an armed taser, but fortunately weren't required to use it.

A 20 year old female will be receiving a future CAN for assaulting a 32 year old woman.

Meanwhile Police are continuing their investigations with a 20 year old man also expected to be dealt with.

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