Aug 09 2012

Candidate for Goulburn Mulwaree Robin Saville believes ratepayers shouldn't have any concerns about his ticket of five independents being elected to council.

This is despite all five having links with the local labor party branch.

Mr. Saville insists people shouldn't have any fears that they'll take over council.

Aug 08 2012

New South Wales police admit they still haven't found the body of Malcolm
Naden's cousin, despite charging the former fugitive with her murder  today.

Naden who's rumoured to be struggling with life behind bars in Goulburn Supermax is now was transferred to Long Bay recently..

24-year-old Lateesha Nolan disappeared from Dubbo in 2005 - the same  year Naden is accused of murdering another Dubbo woman .

Homicide Squad Commander Mick Willing says detectives are determined to find MS Nolan's remains.

Aug 08 2012

There are fears allowing amateur shooters into the Morton and Budawang National Parks will result in more reckless shootings seen on paddocks out at Marulan.

Last month four horses were killed after a shooting rampage on Winfarthing Road.

Meanwhile police are still investigating more shots being fired into a home nearby.

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Steve Whan says only licensed shooters should be allowed into our parks and believes we should know what times they'll be there. 

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