Aug 28 2012

Locals in the Upper Lachlan have met to discuss the state government's new green paper aimed at streamlining the development application process in NSW.

Shadow Minister for Planning Linda Burney says the new proposal will put the wishes of developers ahead of residents.

However Mayor John Shaw admits there's been a lot of unnecessary scare mongering going on.

Aug 27 2012

Wingecarribee Council has assured residents of Wingello that 30 liquid amber trees planted at the entrance to the shire's southern village will not be removed.

The trees were planted along the road reserve as part of the Wingello beautification village improvements program.

A small group of residents petitioned council calling for the liquid ambers to be removed and replaced with native species.

However, the majority of residents want to see the trees retained and the matter was raised at the last council meeting.

Aug 26 2012

The state opposition has warned the  Rural Fire Service on the southern tablelands is at risk of losing some of its most experienced full time staff.

Treasurer Mike Baird has ordered the Rural Fire Service to find more than
$11 million in staff savings, prompting an offer of voluntary redundancy packages.

The move comes despite an admission from RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons that New South Wales is facing its most critical fire danger in years.

Shadow Emergency Services Minister Steve Whan says it defies logic to cut staffing levels when the state is facing such a high risk.

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