Nov 14 2012

Residents from the Southern Tablelands rallied outside Parliament House yesterday demanding support for a bill to prevent excessive wind farm noise.

The bill seeks to refuse Renewable Energy Certificates to wind farms that exceed background noise by more than 10 decibels.

Executive of the Australian Environment Foundation Max Rheese insists people travelled along way to have their concerns heard.

Nov 14 2012

Member for Goulburn Pru Goward is cautioning the Federal Government not to make a witch hunt out of a Royal Commission into sex abuse.

This comes after Labor backbenchers joined independent MPs and the Greens in calling for an enquiry.

The investigation will include all religious organisations, children in state care, and schools.

In the meantime the Minister for Community Services says the enquiry needs to be all encompassing and not just single out certain groups.

Nov 14 2012

A partial eclipse of the sun took place this morning across the Southern Tablelands with locals being warned not to look with their naked eye.

However that proved difficult though with the inclement weather conditions this morning.

Solar equipped glasses, a telescope with a filter or a pinhole camera were needed to view it safely.

Scientist Simon O'Toole insists it was a very rare and special occasion.

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