Jul 19 2017

A quarry on Bullamalita road, near Goulburn is to go ahead after approval by Goulburn Mulwaree council last night.


However it is subject to a stringent list of conditions including a change in operating hours which will see it work only Monday to Friday between nine and three with heavy vehicle haulage limited to the same time.


Addresses to councillors last night by nearby residents drew attention to diminished lifestyle, dust nuisance, effects on agricultural production, traffic on the road and perceived devaluation of property, to name a few.


This undoubtedly prompted councillors to resolve into committee which then led to a decision to call for a special report on various issues.


These include a re-look at the rural roads programme so as to prioritise works, an assessment of the structural strength of culverts and crossings on the road and consideration of reducing the speed limit from a hundred to eighty kilometres per hour.


The report will also look at council Section 94 contributions from nearby development to be allocated for maintenance and repair of Bullamalita road.

Jul 19 2017

Members of the Goulburn community are being invited to address the Joint Regional Planning Panel which meets in Goulburn next week to decide the future of a Performing Arts Centre in the centre of town.


The panel will consider a recommendation that consent be given for the development to take place.


There are conditions attached to the recommendation and they take in a swathe of issues dealing with the treatment of a historic building like the Mc Dermott Centre which is proposed for the arts facility.


These include conservation, demolition, parking and landscaping.


The planning panel will be told that parking sufficiently complies, even though no specific parking is provided.


The hearing takes place at ten thirty am Thursday July 27th at the Goulburn Mulwaree council chambers 


Community members wishing to address the panel will need to contact the authority on 8217 2060 before close of business next Tuesday the 25th.

Jul 17 2017

Community groups in the Upper Lachlan shire have benefited from more than $124,000 from the Taralga Wind Farm community fund.


Almost $44,000 goes to the Taralga War Memorial Hall for a heating system and another $20,000 is for upgrades to amenities at the Taralga showground.


The Golspie Progress association gets $10,000 for an upgrade of the Golspie hall.


An amount of $9,250 has gone to the Taralga Australia Day committee for fencing at the showground and the same for the A.P.& H. society for food service benches.


The Taralga Bowling club secures over $16,000 for a turf areator and scarifier while the Anglican parish gets $9,800 to upgrade the wooden floor at the Jamieson Hall.


$6,200 will be used to refurbish and repair the Taralga Medical Centre. 


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