Oct 26 2017

Crookwell's Mary Gilmore Festival this weekend will cut into new ground.


It has adopted a larger format and festival secretary, Elaine Delaney says organisers are excited with a programme that makes use of the Crookwell showground for the first time.


The event opens tomorrow night with the Mary Gilmore Art festival at Gallery 91.


Elaine Delaney says the weekend celebrates not only the legacy of a remarkable woman who engaged the community with her literary skills, but she was also concerned for the downtrodden.


Mary Gilmore cared deeply for indigenous people and returned war veterans.


The weekend festival will also showcase the Crookwell district and its natural beauty. 

Oct 26 2017

Goulburn Mulwaree council's Employment Lands Strategy has won the Culture, Change and Innovation Award.


Presented this week at the Local Government NSW Planning Awards, the prize recognises genuine teamwork and the grassroots consultation that took place to develop the initiative.


The document provides guidance into the current and expected employment land requirements and positions Goulburn Mulwaree as an attractive place for investment.


Council's Director of Growth, Strategy and Culture, Louise Wakefield says the strategy sets the tone for measured growth in the Goulburn Mulwaree area.

Oct 26 2017

Police are adapting to the criminal drug element with the latest success being a seizure of Ice at Marulan.


Under the Crime And Traffic Connecting on Highways programme or CATCH for short, officers stopped a car on the Hume highway at Marulan yesterday.


A search of the vehicle allegedly located three resealable bags containing drugs, believed to be Ice.


The drugs are undergoing forensic examination.


The driver of the vehicle, a 33 year old man was arrested and charged with supplying an indictable quantity of drugs.


Police authorities say the CATCH programme is aimed at stamping out Ice and other drugs on the roads and those who transport illicit substances can expect to be intercepted, searched and arrested.

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