Sep 08 2017

Veolia Environmental Services have received a substantial fine from the Environment Protection Authority for not meeting requirements on leachate management at its Tarago site


The $15,000 fine is for failing to meet the submission deadline for a component of the Long-term Leachate Management strategy for the Woodlawn Bioreactor.


NSW EPA says the Woodlawn bioreactor is a key component of waste infrastructure, but has a long history of odour and leachate issues.


To address these, the EPA negotiated with Veolia to commit to a long term strategy which was formalised as a series of pollution studies and pollution reduction programmes.

Sep 07 2017

This year's Lilac City Garden Competition in Goulburn is boasting a wide range of competitive sections.


Entries close on Monday, September 18th and competition spokesperson, Robyn Simpson says it is important to submit them by that date.


Mrs Simpson has pointed to the huge variety of sections taking in primary schools, seniors, fruit and or vegetable gardens, commercial, heritage and there is one for front gardens.


Entry forms are available from the Goulburn Visitors Centre and the Gehl Garden Centre.


Judging will be between Thursday September 21st and Saturday the 23rd. 

Sep 07 2017

One member of the Goulburn Mulwaree Council is not happy with the decision to continue with membership of the representative group, Local Government NSW.


Membership of the body has been under the Goulburn Mulwaree council microscope but this week's meeting of councillors decided to extend its association for another year.


Councillor Sam Rowland described Local Government NSW as ineffective and says paying the annual fee of $38,000 is a waste of money.

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