Jun 17 2019

About fifty people enjoyed a brisk winter's day south of Goulburn yesterday as they took part in the launch of the Truffle hunting season.


For the next couple of months the truffle fungi will be the target of both hunters and their sniffer dogs.


The Blessing of the Dogs took place at Tarago Truffles yesterday with owner, Denzil Sturgiss explaining that the ceremony is reminiscent of blessing fleets before they sail.

Jun 14 2019

Investigations are continuing into the discovery of a burnt out car on the Boorowa road at Narrawa.


At about 3pm last Sunday, police attended bushland at the location following reports of a car crash.


It appears the vehicle lost control, left the roadway, travelled through a paddock where it hit a tree and caught alight.


It was completely destroyed and now police are continuing investigations into the driver of the car.

Jun 14 2019

Goulburn state member, Wendy Tuckerman is calling attention to an Emergency Drought Relief package to give more support to farmers and regional communities.


This gives the potential for assistance to local farmers and businesses, including on-farm subsidies for transport and waiving land rates.


Mrs Tuckerman says this will help boost the local economy and support for the community.


The extension of the Emergency Drought Relief measures point to more assistance for those on the land, more infrastructure for safe and secure water supply and investment aimed at stimulating the economy.


Mrs Tuckerman added that a $170 million infrastructure and stimulus package for regions would help mitigate the ripple effect of stressful situations like the drought.

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