Feb 13 2019

A NSW government programme for smart street lighting throughout the state has attracted the support of the Goulburn Mulwaree Council.


At their latest meeting, councillors gave their backing to a business plan to fund a smart street lighting programme by the government at the cost of more than $61 million.


The support of the state member is also being sought.


As part of its decision, council is supporting the rollout of LED lighting with smart technology capability for all street lights in the Goulburn Mulwaree area.


There are currently 3,200 street lights with an annual operating cost of about $540,000.


The smart lights programme aims to reduce this cost.

Feb 12 2019

The success of the Australian Blues Festival in Goulburn at the weekend is prompting some to say that another major step should be taken in its development.


To this end, it is thought that there should be increased funding for promotion.


Co-ordinator, Geoff Bell suggests that  the music festival has become entrenched in the culture of the city and should be encouraged  to move to the next level.


According to Mr Bell, a whole of community approach should be encouraged with perhaps the biggest need being that of increased marketing.

Feb 12 2019

The discovery of asbestos recently in old footings where the new community sporting centre is being built at the Crookwell Memorial Oval may delay completion of the project.


In accordance with established procedures the find was reported to SafeWork NSW and a qualified independent assessor was engaged.


A management plan was put into place and now all asbestos has been removed and the site remediated, ensuring safety at the location.


Upper Lachlan mayor, John Stafford says there may be a delay in finishing the project by up to three weeks, but council is working with the contractor to reduce the lost time.

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