Oct 19 2012

Two truck drivers have allegedly been caught tampering with speed limiters on the Hume Highway at Marulan.

Police searched two Kenworth semi-trailers at the Marulan vehicle checking station yesterday and allegedly found both vehicles had their speed limiters tampered with.

A sling-shot hidden under the cabin bed was also found in one of the trucks and seized by police.

The drivers -- aged 45 and 49 -- have been issued traffic infringement notices and their vehicles impounded.

Oct 19 2012

The Lions district Convention is on this weekend at the Goulburn Workers Club.

Lions from Liverpool to the Victorian Boarder will be meeting to enjoy each others company and decide on policies for the upcoming year.

The Theme for the weekend is 'BUSHRANGERS'.

Organisers are asking locals not to panic if they see any unsavoury characters in the streets of Goulburn as it will only be their members having a good time.

Oct 19 2012

Federal Member for Hume Alby Schultz is describing the Gillard Government's cost cuts to Australia's army cadets as penny pinching.

Mr. Schultz says the cuts to staff allowances will mean they're unable to parade, attend camps and attend leadership development courses.

He insists there are cadets in his electorate that will be worse off due to the changes.

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