Aug 02 2012

The National and Liberal Parties are disagreeing over the issue of foreign ownership on agricultural land.

The country party are in opposition to the beliefs of some Liberal Party Members who are right behind foreign investment in farms and mines.

Nationals Senator Fiona Nash says under the existing laws  companies are still able to accumulate property underneath the government threshold of $244 million.

Aug 02 2012

The State Opposition claims the O'Farrell Government doesn't have adequate staffing arrangements to meet demand at Goulburn, Bowral and Shoalhaven Hospitals.

Figures from the NSW Department of Health show 55 per cent of patients at Goulburn Hospital are waiting more than the target 90 minutes before getting into emergency.

The average waiting time for an urgent elective surgery procedure in our city is 17 days compared with two weeks at Bowral and Shoalhaven.

Shadow Minister for Health Andrew Mcdonald believes it's all about money.

On the upside though the median time for a patient to wait, be treated and leave the emergency department at Goulburn is an hour quicker than Nowra.

On top of that our city has 93% of elective surgery patients treated within preferred time limits compared with 84% at Shoalhaven.

In the meantime Mr. McDonald says he'd like the chance to inspect Goulburn Hospital.


Aug 02 2012

A Coalition agreement meant to be signed off in June for the Federal seat of HUME is continuing to cause a standoff between the Liberals and Nationals.

Two months ago Opposition leader Tony Abbott sent a blunt message to the Nationals by coming to Goulburn to spruik the credentials of new candidate Angus Taylor.

Under the coalition agreement if a seat is vacated by a sitting member both are entitled to contest.

The Sydney Morning Herald's chief Political Correspondent Phillip Coorey says the Liberals are remaining resilient.

With possibly 12 months to the next election Angus Taylor has a clear head start and the Nationals don't want things dragging on.

They still have three candidates in mind including Katrina Hodgkinson from Burrinjuck, Senator Fiona Nash and Nial Blair from the NSW Upper House.

Mr. Coorey says the National party's branch and support structure is not as strong as they'd like it after many years of hard work from Liberal member Alby Schultz.

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