Mar 26 2013

Motorists are being asked to take note of two speed limit changes on Marulan South Road and Jerrara Road in Marulan.

Roads and Maritime Services have carried out a review of the roads as part of the NSW audit of speed zones which will be put in place over the next fortnight.

The current 100km/h speed limit on Marulan South Road will be reduced to 80km/h from south of the Hume Highway interchange.

On Jerrara Road, the 90km/h limit will be reduced to 80km/h from south of the Hume Highway interchange and 100 metres north of Mountain Ash Road.

Mar 26 2013

SES Crews from Windellema, Bigga and Captains Flat picked up their very new First Responders vehicles last week from Goulburn head base.

The new vehicles are part of an Ambulance Service of NSW program to train SES volunteers to treat patients with pre - hospital care who live in remote areas.

Media Liaison Officer Mike Eburn says people still need to contact triple 000 in the event of an emergency.

Mar 25 2013

Local parents are being warned about the dangers of parking in school zones with Goulburn Police issuing a number of infringements of recent time.

Police Officers can deal with parking complaints around schools and the CBD as part of their day to day duties along with council rangers.

Inspector John Sheehan says people need to be mindful about the safety of children.AS

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