Feb 19 2013

Locals are being encouraged to buy their tickets now for this Friday night's men of league dinner and Saturday nights trial game between the Bulldogs and Raiders.

The dinner will start at 6:30 at the Workers Club and will feature a Q and A with representatives from both clubs.

CEO Brett Gorham says the evening should make for some interesting banter given the recent doping scandal affecting both the AFL and NRL.

Feb 19 2013

Local Government engineering specialists have revealed anew $1.5 million bridge to be built over the Shoalhaven River near Nerriga,  will only be a single lane structure,  still liable to flooding.

The new bridge will go over the river at O'Allen Ford,  on the Nowra Goulburn back road, and replace an old timber structure,  which has suffered structural damage and is the subject of a 5 tonne weight.

Goulburn Mulwarree Council has secured funding from the state government for the bridge, with the assistance of Shoalhaven Council and Christian Democrats MP Paul Green.

Shoalhaven Council says the new crossing will duplicate in concrete,  what is there now, a single lane bridge, which will be closed occasionally,  when river levels are up.

In a report to council, Shoalhaven engineers say a single lane bridge is suitable short term solution,  given the complete upgrading of the road from Nowra to the Hume Highway could be anything up to 20 years away.


Feb 18 2013

The complete sealing of the Nowra Goulburn back road is getting very close with work under way on the re-construction of one of the final remaining gravel sections.

Only around 3KM of the road remains to be sealed, with construction crews currently working on the re-alignment of another gravel section,  north of the O'Allen Ford crossing of the Shoalhaven River.

Crews from Goulburn Mulwarree Council have cleared the route for the new section of road,  and are currently installing new drainage ahead of the commencement of bulk earthworks.

Once the current section is completed it will leave only just over a kilometre to be  sealed,  to provide an all weather surface between Nowra and Goulburn.

Planning is also underway to construct a new bridge over the Shoalhaven River at O'Allen Ford.

The current timber bridge is the subject of a 5 tonne weight limit.

Goulburn Mulwarree Council has been awarded a state government grant of more than $2 million  to carry out the construction of the new bridge and associated works.

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