Aug 15 2012

Former NSW Premier and Shadow Minister for Police Nathan Rees is labelling cuts to the intake of students at Goulburn's Police Academy as absurd.

The state Government has cancelled the September intake of policing students at the academy putting added strain on the local economy.

Mr. Rees says the cuts don't make sense.

Aug 14 2012

Tens of thousands of dollars are being spent on this years Gunning Fireworks Festival on September one.

There'll be a number of highlights this year including a 9 piece New Orleans style jazz band, amusement rides as well as market and food stalls.

Director of Fireworks Australia Martin Brady says there'll be around three thousand shots in the finale lasting 10 minutes.

Aug 14 2012

The small business community around GOULBURN are being invited to attend a forum this Friday with leader of the Opposition in the Senate Eric Abetz.

The session will be held at the Goulburn Soldiers Club between 10AM and 12PM with Mr. Abetz keen to find out what's affecting free enterprise in the region.

Liberal Candidate for Hume Angus Taylor says there's a number of issues that get in the way of having a successful business.

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