Nov 08 2012

Police across the Southern Tablelands are taking part in a state wide blitz on drink driving up until Sunday.

Operation ‘Drink Drive II’ was established to weed out people who put lives at risk through reckless road behaviour.

Locals can expect more police out and about over the coming days as part of the operation.

Vanessa Allen Erickson from Police Headquarters says last year's crackdown was great success.

Nov 08 2012

Residents in Marulan will have the opportunity to meet with councillors from Goulburn Mulwaree next Tuesday.

The evening starts at the Marulan Hall on George Street at 6:30pm and is part of three other meetings held at Parkesbourne, Bungonia and Tarago.

Residents will have the opportunity to have a chat with newly elected councillors and voice any concerns they may have. 

Mayor Geoff Kettle says he and his fellow councillors are looking forward to catching up with locals.

Nov 07 2012

A free information session will be held for landlords and investors tonight at the Goulburn Soldiers Club organised by the Office of Fair Trading.

The session will be looking at tenant databases, repairs and bonds including ingoing and outgoing inspections.

People are being asked to arrive by 5:30PM with the event all part of fair trading week.

Community Liaison Coordinator Charles Gibson says people can phone their office to let them know they're coming.

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