Jul 30 2012

Goulburn Police are renewing calls for any information leading to the whereabouts of Ian Stanton who went missing from his home at Bundanoon in 2003.

With Missing Persons Week officially starting yesterday police are hopeful someone out their may know something.

Inspector Robert Post says Ian's father dropped off some groceries for his then 23 year old son and has never seen him since.

Jul 25 2012

A free range egg producer in Goulburn says local egg prices could rise because of fluctuating grain prices in America.

US corn and soybean crops are being devastated by their worst drought in over a quarter of a century affecting markets in Australia.

Rodney Pope from Free Range Eggs in Goulburn says he currently has to absorb the increased feed costs.  

Jul 25 2012

National Parks are urging bush walkers at the southern end of the Tianjarra Plateau between Goulburn and Nowra to call police if they find any unexploded bombs.

The calls come after a former chief of naval aviation alerted authorities fearing someone could be killed if safety warnings weren't dramatically improved.

Regional Manager Dianne Garood says there's concerned about the southern area and are working with Defence specialists to rectify the situation.

Now a part of the Morton National Park the site on the Braidwood Road was once a ' live fire ' exercise area used extensively for more than 40 years until the 1980's.

In the meantime Ms. Garood says there looking to erect further signage to advise people of the dangers.

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