Jul 24 2012

One of Australia's most complex rail maintenance machines is working its way through  the southern highlands, leaving a shower of sparks in its wake.

Owned by QR National and on an 8 year $100 million contract to the Australian Rail Track Corporation, a Loram grinder is currently working in the Bundanoon area.

The grinder returns the rail head to its original profile, improving the ride and locomotive fuel efficiency, and reducing wear and tear on rolling stock.

The multi million dollar  grinding set  has 11 vehicles is more than 200 metres long,  and includes 5 grinding cars, each with 16 grinding heads.

 It  comes complete with its own fuel storage system and a series of water tanks and spraying systems to suppress any fires which may be started by stray sparks.


Jul 24 2012

Former ALP candidate for Hume Robin Saville has put his hand up to run for Council at the upcoming Local Government Election in September.

Mr. Saville says he's concerned what effect the closure of Verner Street will have if the BIG W development goes ahead .

He says he also has a number of other priorities if elected to council.

Jul 23 2012

The Federal Government has appointed technical experts and consultants to carry out a scoping study into whether Wilton, north of Mittagong is a suitable site for Sydney's second airport.

The scoping study, which is expected to take six months to complete, will assess the economic, social and environmental impacts of an airport at Wilton.

Worley Parsons will conduct a detailed assessment of environmental and infrastructure aspects around Wilton while Ernst and Young will examine the potential scale and impacts of the airport development.

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