Aug 30 2012

Candidate for Goulburn Mulwaree Jason Shepherd believes council should be allowing the Heritage Group more say in the earlier stages of development applications.

Mr. Shepherd says the committee has told him by the time they see documents architects, developers and engineers already have significant plans in place.

He insists if the consultation process is left too late developers won't want to compromise.

Aug 29 2012

The United Services Union have serious concerns that road maintenance contracts will be slashed from regional councils such as Goulburn Mulwaree and put to tender.

Councils rely heavily on the funding to employ locals which also has a flow on affect to small business in the regions.

Spokesperson Graham Kelly fears there will be job losses.

Aug 28 2012

Southern Highlands businessman and livestock breeder Theo Onisforou has broken an Australian record, selling one of his  Angus bulls for $110,000.

K.O. Godfather G31 was bred at his 1000 acre K.O. stud at KANGALOON and has been sold to the Gilmandyde Stud at Orange.

Averages last year for similar cattle were about $7,000 and Mr Onisforou says to achieve $110,000 is a stunning result.

He insists K.O.Godfather will be a busy boy.

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