Sep 05 2012

A Mulwaree High School student has been recognised with a Minister’s Award for Excellence in Student Achievement.

Daniel Granger who has three weeks remaining in year 12 was presented with the  award yesterday morning by Education Minister Adrian Piccoli.

Daniel says there was a number of key areas that he's excelled in.

Sep 05 2012

Goulburn's Southern Distribution Hub are making an ambitious bid to store classified documents from the National Archive's main storage facility in Canberra.

Parliament's Public Works Committee has run out of room at the National Archive and want to lease new space.

Director Bob Stephens believes using Goulburn as a storage hub makes sense.

Sep 04 2012

Construction on a quarter of a billion dollar wind farm west of Marulan is expected to start later this year following the signing of a contract to buy electricity from the generators.

51 turbines producing 108mw of electricity will be developed at Taralga, supplying enough power for 40,000 homes annually.

Tru Energy has agreed to purchase 100% of the output from Taralga, plus all of the power produced from another wind farm complex at Boco Rock near Nimmitabel in the Snowy Mountains.

The company's Mark Collette says the purchase agreement will enable Tru Energy to meet its obligations under the Federal Government's Renewable Energy Target.

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