Aug 01 2012

Car thieves have struck again in Goulburn Centro Mall after the owner of a 1996 blue Ford Festiva sedan had their the front nudge bar taken.

The owner had parked on the top level of the car park last Wednesday morning and returned later that afternoon.

The offender had also cut power leads from the battery.

In another incident in Prince Street on the same day thieves have tried to break into a a 1991 Blue Nissan Pintara Sedan with a coat hanger. 

Aug 01 2012

Nominations are now open for Goulburn Mulwaree Council Elections.

Prospective candidates will need to download a form from the NSW Electoral Commission and pay a $125 deposit.

People also have to be nominated by a registered political party or by two electors who are enrolled in the area.

Spokesperson Richard Carroll says once the information is approved the details will go up on their website.

Jul 31 2012

Police have continued their crackdown on heavy vehicle drivers near Goulburn for speeding offences as part of Operation Explorer which started on Sunday night.

Highway Patrol officers are being stationed at various locations across the state including Marulan until 12PM on Tuesday.

Inspector Phil Brooks says they'll continue to clamp down on trucking companies that tamper with speed limiters.

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