Sep 25 2012

Upper Lachlan Shire Councillor John Shaw has been returned as Mayor unopposed.

Clr James Wheelwright and Clr Malcolm Barlow were both nominated for the position of Deputy Mayor.

In the end Clr James Wheelwright re -appointed after coming out on top with the highest amount of votes.

Sep 25 2012

A Police Officer has been charged for allegedly assaulting a teenager after chasing a stolen car in Marulan earlier this year.

One of the two teens arrested reported that he'd been assaulted by one of the officers involved during the arrest back in February.

Police started an investigation into the matter after receiving advice from the Office of Public Prosecutions.

The officer has been charged with two counts of assault and will appear at Queanbeyan Local Court on Monday October 29.

Sep 25 2012

Goulburn Mulwaree's neighbouring council Wingecarribee will be heading back to court, in an attempt to recover more than 21 million dollars outstanding from Lehman Brothers.

The Federal Court ruled on Friday that the failed investment bank was responsible for misleading some 72 councils, churches and charities in Australia.

Despite the good news though, Wingecarribee Mayor Juliet Arkwright believes they'll only recover a fraction of the amount owed.

She says the result has been a long time coming and will allow them to re coup their legal costs.

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