Sep 26 2012

Telstra says they've had unprecedented demand in Goulburn for the new apple iphone 5.

The phone is still for sale and will continue to roll in over the coming months with customers taking advantage of faster speeds on the 4G network.

Area General Manager Chris Taylor it's been the biggest launch of any of Apples products to date.

Sep 25 2012

Preparations are in full swing for Marulan's upcoming Kite Festival held on Sunday October 21.

The day will start with a kite parade at 9AM followed by kite flying in the park as well as live music.

There'll also be country market stalls, horse and carriage rides, raffles, competitions and vintage car displays.

The Mulwaree Art Show will take place on the Friday evening prior. 

Sep 25 2012

Federal Member for Hume Alby Schultz is calling on an urgent overhaul of the government's immigration policies.

This comes after the riots in Sydney's CBD over a week ago involving a thousand protesters triggered by a YouTube video mocking Islam and the prophet Mohammed.

Two Police Officers required hospital treatment after being assaulted during the violence.

Mr. Schultz believes the government has to take a tougher stance on the issue.

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