Nov 30 2017

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council's mobile library service, the Big Read Bus will have yet another location and time, when it visits Taralga this week.


Starting tomorrow, the bus will stop outside Goodhew Park at Taralga between three and four pm.


Upper Lachlan General manager, John Bell says after several visits outside Taralga public school, the bus graduated to stopping outside the Local Hall.


However, the slope of the road made it difficult for visitors to access the bus.

Nov 30 2017

Mayor of Goulburn Mulwaree, Councillor Bob Kirk is remaining firm behind his council's in principle support of a large privately-run correctional facility being up on the outskirts of the city.


Councillor Kirk concedes that the proponents, Southern Infrastructure Pty Ltd will have a lot of hurdles to jump over to progress the concept.


While he would expect some people to react negatively to a 5000 bed gaol establishing within the city, Councillor Kirk says Goulburn's attitude towards gaols has evolved.

Nov 30 2017

The Goulburn Marketplace will get significant alterations if a development application before the Goulburn Mulwaree Council is approved.


Alterations and additions worth $3.4 million are proposing three new tenancies which would open up to the existing car park as well as outdoor seating spaces which could be used for dining and childrens' play area.


The DA also suggests upgrades to the carpark and facade of the building which would use tonnes of grey timber and lighter coloured red brick.


There would be shade sails as part of the on-going carpark upgrade with landscape works including planter boxes and trees throughout the car park and the Verner street facade.


The development application will be on public exhibition until December 14th.

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