Jun 18 2019

The latest round of Goulburn Mulwaree heritage grants has been announced.


With two streams available for 2019/20, the programme is designed to encourage the conservation of items that are either heritage listed or located within heritage conservation areas.


In the Local Places category there are two grants of $5,000 available and six of $2,500 for heritage properties in Goulburn Mulwaree.


$30,000 is being made available for work on Auburn street CBD properties.


In this category, amounts will be allocated based on the significance of the item and the work proposed.


Funding is being supplied by council and the NSW Heritage Office.


Successful applicants must match their grants dollar for dollar.

Jun 17 2019

Significant alterations to facilities within the proposed Goulburn Performing Arts Centre will be considered at tomorrow night's meeting of council.


The suggestions to amend the original concept are contained in a status update report to councillors.


They are being asked to approve in principle a list of amendments to the building design, including relocation of the air-conditioning system, and basement toilets going to ground level.


The consolidation of back of house facilities is being suggested to go from four floors to three.


A space for an orchestra pit is mooted for the first two seating rows of the auditorium, through the use of removable seats.

Jun 17 2019

What will be a big hot-rod show and shine takes place in Goulburn next Easter when the Australian Street Rod Federation holds its Regional Nationals.


Organisers are saying that around 800 cars will drive into the city for the event, the feature of which is expected to be a cruise up and down Auburn street.


The event is being put together by a federation committee and spokesman, Kane Fattorini says while there will be a competitive edge, organisers also want to connect with the community.

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