Jul 21 2017

A Goulburn man will face court next month on speeding and drink driving charges after being detected travelling at more than 20 km/hour over the speed limit in a local school zone.


Goulburn Highway patrol was on the job at a school zone in Reynolds street when a car was detected travelling at 64 km/hour in the school zone.


The car was stopped in Union street and a male driver was spoken to.


A road side breath test returned a positive reading and as a result a 63 year old local man was arrested.


A breath analysis at the police station allegedly returned a reading of point-zero-nine-one.


The man will appear in Goulburn local court on August the 30th.

Jul 19 2017

Taking contraband into Correctional centres is illegal and will not be tolerated.


This is the advice of the NSW Corrections Minister, David Elliott following the seizure of goods at several gaols at the weekend, including Goulburn.


The Security Operations group with dogs conducted raids at seveal gaols and at Goulburn police intercepted a male visitor with four ballons of tobacco stuffed inside his socks.


That person now faces charges.


Minister Elliott says intelligence officers at each correctional centre monitor for suspicious behaviour 24/7.


He says smugglers will be caught and penalised.

Jul 19 2017

A request for Nerriga to become part of the Goulburn Mulwaree council has been declined.


Residents of the township have engaged in talks with Goulburn Mulwaree on the issue and had petitioned the state government for a boundary adjustment.


The move to decline was resisted by Councillor Denzil Sturgiss who said it was an ideal opportunity to bring Nerriga into the local government area.


He wanted more investigation, pointing to the coast connection through Nerriga.


However councillors accepted the advice of Goulburn Mulwaree management who said they did not see any advantages in the move for the residents and ratepayers of the Goulburn region. 

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