Nov 02 2017

Australian entrepreneur, phlantrophist and political activist, Dick Smith has been formally announced as Goulburn's Australia Day ambassador for next year.


Goulburn Mulwaree mayor, Bob Kirk says it is a real coup to have Dick Smith as ambassador.


Smith, who was named Australian of the Year in 1986 says he is looking forward to being in Goulburn as ambassador.


The businessman has strong links with this region through his property at Gundaroo and he says he is looking forward to being involved in the celebrations and engaging with the community.

Nov 02 2017

The CLARA group which wants to be the preferred choice to establish fast rail through the Canberra Goulburn area has defended its move to present a business case to the federal government.


Federal monies totalling $20 million have been allocated for the presentation of three business cases for fast rail.


Previously CLARA had said that its fast rail and regional cities concept would not require government funding.


However,CEO of the Consolidated group, Nick Cleary says it is important for his organisation to follow government lead.

Nov 02 2017


Police are investigating the death of a pedestrian on the Hume Highway yesterday.


A report is being prepared for the Coroner following the incident at Bookham near Yass.


Police officers were called to the Hume Highway near Payne's road early yesterday afternoon after a report of a pedestrian being struck by a truck on the roadway.


The pedestrian died at the scene.


One lane of the highway was closed to traffic for some time.


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