Sep 12 2017

Findings have been released as to why the Bureau of Meteorology weather stations at Goulburn and Thredbo failed to record accurately in the middle of winter.


The review conducted by a panel of three independent experts was commissioned to evaluate the integrity of the Automatic Weather Station system.


This followed equipment failures in Goulburn and Thredbo which caused the loss of temperature data below minus 10.4 degrees.


Bureau director, Dr Andrew Johnson says the findings support initial investigations that outages were the result of equipment not being fit for purpose.


There were outages on one day in Goulburn and on six days in Thredbo but Dr Johnson says they had no impact on the official temperature record for measuring long-term temperature change.

Sep 12 2017

There are hopes that a new 22 bed hostel for disabled people in Goulburn will be operational in the near future.


The Goulburn Mulwaree council has approved the accommodation project to be developed on land on the Mary's Mount road.


It has been proposed by the Challenge Foundation and the body's chief executive, Councillor Margaret O'Neill says fund raising is the issue now, but she hopes the facility will be working within a couple of years.

Sep 08 2017

Police are claiming a major victory in the war against drugs following the arrest of two men after a car was stopped on the Hume Highway at Penrose.


The vehicle was stopped earlier in the week and a search located a suitcase with numerous containers filled with a white crystalline substance believed to be methylamphetamine or 'ice'.


Police say the value of the haul is estimated to be more than seven million dollars.


The weight of the substance was more than 14 kilograms.


Following the arrest of two men aged 28 and 34, police investigators executed search warrants on three properties, including one at Towrang.


Officers located an inactive large scale clandestine laboratory at Towrang including custom made equipment and police seized another container filled with 660 grams of ice.


Also discovered at the Towrang property were a 12-guage shotgun and ammunition.


The registered firearm was seized because it was not properly secured.


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