Apr 13 2017


The establishment of a hockey complex in Goulburn could cost up to five million dollars.


This figure was considered at a meeting last night at the Goulburn Mulwaree council chambers to look at the future of hockey in the Goulburn region.


Goulburn Mulwaree general manager, Warrick Bennett says a sports complex developed at Liverpool has cost five million and serves as an indication of what a facility in Goulburn might well cost.


Last night's meeting set ground work in place for hockey in the next few years and includes making an approach to see if the current Workers playing fields are available for another five years.


A working party will now look to identify a location for the sport's long term use in the Goulburn area.


Mr Bennett says the preference is for a site which is on Goulburn Mulwaree council-owned land.


Apr 12 2017

A falls prevention programme developed in NSW will be run in Goulburn.


The Southern NSW Health District programme, 'Stepping On'

is considered to be one of the most effective falls prevention initiatives, giving elderly people the confidence to undertake everyday activities safely.


Physiotherapist and programme facilitator, Jane Twohill will conduct sessions in Goulburn from Tuesday the ninth of May from 1.30 to 3.30 pm at the Bourke street Health service in the former Day Care room.


She says many people do not realise how prevalent and detrimental to health, falling down can be.


The group runs for two hours per week for seven weeks and is followed by a refresher session two months later.

Apr 12 2017

The Gunning district community group opposing a gas power plant at Dalton, is pointing the finger at the NSW premier, alleging a political donations scandal involving AGL.


There are allegations that Gladys Berejiklian was a direct beneficiary of undisclosed donations for which AGL was convicted in January this year.


It is claimed that the alleged donations allowed AGL to establish relationships which furthered over-familiarity between decision makers and industry heavy weights.


The group is alleging that these donations were made during assessment of the Dalton Power project.

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