Feb 13 2019

Heron Resources which is expected to start production at the Woodlawn mine, south of Goulburn soon, has been presented with additional costs for on-site construction.


Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor, Sedgman Pty Ltd is claiming an additional $49.9 million above the agreed $109 million for facilities at Woodlawn.


Heron Resources CEO, Wayne Taylor says his company is assessing the matter and will shortly respond, however he added that the claim is not in the spirit of the contract which has been negotiated.


Heron Resources' Quarterly report says that the overall project schedule is running behind plan, however commissioning work started in the December quarter as planned.


At the end of 2018 there had been a 95 per cent completion of the overall project and commissioning was at 24 per cent.

Feb 13 2019

Seven members of Goulburn's 288 Australian Army Cadet Unit have successfully completed promotions courses at military bases at Richmond and Canberra.


Sergeant Joshua Lowe and Corporal Ben Williams undertook senior leader competencies.


Junior leaders courses were successfully completed by Lance Corporals Damian De Groot, Ben Flood, Charlotte Hargan, Molini Kaumavae-Ramirez and  Dion Hiedrich.


Officer Commanding 288 unit, Captain Allan Caldow says Lance Corporal Hargan achieved the course's highest award and has been listed as Student of Merit.

Feb 13 2019

A coating of dust over the Goulburn area today is the result of strong winds yesterday.


There were wind gusts of up to 80 kilometres an hour with visibility hampered because of airborne dust.


Weather sources say satellite imagery detected a large mass of dust building up over western NSW early yesterday afternoon.


The dust storm was created as blustery north-westerly winds picked up dry top-soil in drought stricken districts across the western and southern inland.


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