May 19 2017

The first meeting of the working group to investigate new hockey facilities in Goulburn will be held this month on Monday the 29th.


The Goulburn Mulwaree council working group will also draw its members from local hockey as well as from Upper Lachlan council and Crookwell hockey.


Goulburn Mulwaree councillor, Andrew Banfield says that from the start, the group will focus on its prime objective of locating an ideal site for a hockey complex.


May 19 2017

A campaign targeted at dangerous driver behaviour at railway level crossings will be launched in Bungendore today.


The enforcement initiative, 'Tracks means Trains' runs until the end of the month.


Its launch will take place this morning at the Malbon street (Kings Highway) level crossing in Bungendore.


Police Assistant Commissioner, Michael Corboy will attend the ceremony.

May 19 2017

A decision by the Goulburn Mulwaree council to recind its delegations policy has been rebuffed by long time councillor, Margaret O'Neill.


She told this week's meeting that she had concerns about doing away with the policy and moved that the report advocating the move, simply be received.


She was unsuccessful, as other members of the council heard that the provisions in the policy were of a procedural and operational nature.


Inspite of the decision, Councillor O'Neill says she continues to worry about accountability within the organisation as it spends ratepayers money.


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