Apr 18 2017

Selection of a site in the Goulburn Mulwaree area for a new hockey complex will be crucial to the future of the sport in the southern area.


One of the sites to be looked at is on council land near the Carr Confoy sporting grounds at East Goulburn.


The question has arisen about the possible effects of flooding in that area.


Goulburn Mulwaree general manger, Warrick Bennett says the effect of flooding would be disastrous on the quality of fields which are being envisaged.


He says expensive water fields are being looked at and flood waters over these would wreck them.


It will be necessary to apply for funding for the ambitious project and Mr Bennett says that will be two to three years away at least.


Apr 18 2017

A police crime scene has been established on a property west of Goulburn following reports of a man dying in a paragliding incident.


Early yesterday afternoon emergency services were called to a property on Pooley's Road at Mummel.


It has been reported that a man in a paraglider fell to the ground.


Officers from the Hume Local Area Command attended and established a crime scene which will be forensically examined.


A 39 year old man died at the scene and police will investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Apr 13 2017

Community submissions on whether the AGL company should have another two years to consider a gas fired plant at Dalton near Gunning, close today.


Since AGL announced renewed interest in the power plant, community discussion has abounded.


State member, Pru Goward has attended a meeting with residents concerned about possible noise encroachments and says it appears the situation has changed since AGL received it approvals.


AGL needed to be told that what was being proposed was new ground.


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