May 22 2017

A motor cyclist has been rushed to Liverpool hospital with serious injuries following a car crash north of Mittagong.


Police were called to the Hume highway at Pheasant's Nest mid Saturday afternoon and found that a car and a motor bike had crashed.


The right arm of the fifty year old motor cyclist had been severed and he was airlifted to hospital in a serious condition.


A 72 year old woman, who had been driving the car was treated for minor injuries and also taken to hospital.

May 22 2017

A NSW Labor claim of secrecy on hospital privatisation moves in the south east area of the state, has been refuted by Goulburn state member, Pru Goward.


Shadow Health minister, Walt Secord was referring to a report surrounding Bega hospital and state government secret privatisation plans.


He says it is the fifth hospital earmarked for privatisation by the Berejiklian government.  


One of the others being the Bowral hospital.


Mr Secord's comments have drawn a sharp response from state member Goward who says they are a nonsense.

May 22 2017

Goulburn police have launched investigations into a fire at a house in Grunsell Crescent where a number of animals died.


Emergency services were called to the Goulburn property just after four o'clock yesterday afternoon and found a shed well alight.


The blaze was extinguished, but the shed sustained significant damage.


Despite the efforts of neighbours, a number of animals, including snakes, rabbits and birds died in the fire.


Officers from the Hume LAC are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.


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