Feb 14 2019

South-East Local Land Services is pressing the urgency for stock producers to view seriously management of their herds into the winter months.


An information circular from Land Services says the culling of less productive cattle from the herd, will have ongoing benefit for years to come.


Agriculture advisor, Matt Leischke says pregnancy testing of cows can provide powerful information to manage beef herds efficiently.

Feb 14 2019

One Nation's candidate for the state seat of Goulburn at the next election has levelled criticism at state policy which has allowed business to leave NSW.


Richard Orchard says new businesses are establishing in this area, but a state programme designed to attract enterprises from interstate, did nothing to stop a 400 employee concern leaving Goulburn for Victoria.


The business, he says, was interested in Goulburn as a possible site.


Mr Orchard added that the state initiative of providing some stamp duty and payroll tax relief to businesses needs to be extended to those wanting to move from Sydney's congestion and go to a regional area.


As One Nation candidate for Goulburn, it is one of Mr Orchard's priorities to develop incentives for businesses wanting to relocate to Goulburn and the regions.

Feb 14 2019

An initiative to convince the state government to increase its funding for public libraries is being revitalised in the Upper Lachlan.


Library users in the shire are being encouraged to support the Renew Our Libraries campaign.


The move was launched in the middle of last year in an attempt to double state funding and create a new, sustainable funding model.


NSW councils, libraries and their supporters are coming together to demand action.


Upper Lachlan council library services manager, Michaela Olde says libraries are a vital piece of social infrastructure where people access information, knowledge, meet new people and learn new skills.


She says there is a funding crisis with local councils bearing more than 90% of costs while the government contributes almost 8 per cent.

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