Sep 14 2017

More than a thousand students from schools in the Goulburn region are attending this year's Space Expo at the Veolia Arena and Basketball stadium.


The expo is being trialled at a smaller level this year and will give students a wide range of sports, cultural and community based activities to experience.  


Event manager, Allan Caldow says the most exciting aspect of this year's presentation is that it is being held under cover, hence the trial with just 19 schools.


Mr Caldow says there has been broadbased community assistance to get this year's Expo going.

Sep 14 2017

The Goulburn Chamber of Commerce is set for another year of operation following its annual general meeting last night.


More than two dozen people attended the dinner function at the Best Western Centretown to hear the Regional manager of Aus Industry, Simon France speak of incentives available to small business.


The election of officers saw Mark Bradbury returned as president and his vice presidents are Brooke Wilding and Joanne McCauley who has also taken on the duties of secretary.


Kia Weekes has returned as chamber treasurer and the membership co-ordinators are Joe Chalker and Chris Rigney.


The Executive is made up of Andy Divall and Liz Townsend.

Sep 14 2017

The community associated with Goulburn's Wollondilly Public school this week is being presented with a innovative and highly entertaining concert.


"Escape to Everywhere" was performed on Monday and Tuesday and will again be presented tonight.


The show incorporates dancing, singing and colourful and imaginative costumes along with humourous dialogue by the school's students.


It opens with 'Welcome to the Circus' with the kids going into the Three Pigs Rap, the Car Wash, Colours of the Wind and Happy Minions routines.


There are entertaining performances by Madam Zumbo and the Ringmaster.


Decorations and props are all by the students, staff and parents and present the audience with a circus and carnival atmosphere.

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