Feb 21 2019

The One Nation candidate for the state seat of Goulburn is one person who has been watching the unfolding Base Hospital funding siutation closely.


Both major sides of state politics are offering different amounts of money for the work, the state government allocating $150 million and Labor pledging $200 million.


One Nation's Richard Orchard is critical of both the Liberal and Labor parties approaches to the issue.


He says the matter is serious enough for a fresh look at the situation.

Feb 21 2019

Fears in the Crookwell community about the future of the local hospital have been allayed.


The large re-development of the Goulburn Base Hospital had generated some worry in the Crookwell community about the possible flow-on effect.


Goulburn Liberal candidate, Wendy Tuckerman has brought those concerns before the state health minister.


Following the talks with the minister, Ms Tuckerman said the future of Crookwell hospital is secure.

Feb 21 2019

Labor candidate for Goulburn, Ursula Stephens is being praised for her strong advocacy for improvements to the Crookwell district hospital.


The comments have come from State Health Shadow, Walt Secord following Labor's commitment of $3.5 million to improve emergency department facilities at Crookwell.


Dr Stephens says after eight years of neglect, a much needed allocation is being made.


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