May 17 2019

With startling numbers of influenza cases already confirmed this year, the Southern NSW Local Health District is encouraging people to get their flu vaccine.


Director of Public Health, Tracey Oakman says with more than 9,600 cases of flu in NSW already this year, people should contact their medical authorities to get their injections.


Pregnant women, young children and the elderly will be a major focus of this year's flu campaign.


There are free vaccines for pregnant women, aboriginal people, those aged over 65 and anyone with medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease.


May 17 2019

In the past four months in Goulburn, police have attended 27 accidents in which people have been injured.


Goulburn Police Chief Inspector, John Sheehan has drawn attention to this statistic to emphasise that drivers need to follow the road rules in order to keep themselves and others safe.


He says local police and the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command are joining forces today and tomorrow for  Operation Chrome which concentrates on rural and major arterial routes.


The reduction of road trauma is a priority for police.


Chief Inspector Sheehan says the aim is to stop fatal crashes before they happen.


May 17 2019

Under the guidance of new leadership, the Goulburn Correctional Centre will play a critical role in the management of radicalised and high risk inmates.


Present governor, Larry Bolger has spent six years in the job but will soon leave.


His replacement is Wayne Taylor whose appointment is effective from early in June.


Corrective Services custodial director, John Harrison says the operation of Goulburn's High-Risk Management Area 2, commissioned this week, will play an important part in Mr Taylor's duties.


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