Sep 19 2019

Goulburn Mulwaree councillors have considered several issues in deciding to have flashing warning lights for over-height vehicles which try to negotiate the railway underpass in Sloane street.


Some caravans and high trucks have sustained damage in using the underpass.


Deputy mayor, councillor Peter Walker says the GPS system which directs traffic onto the underpass needs to be addressed.


Flashing warning lights will cost around $28,000 as opposed to $50,000 for a height bar system, but both mayor, Bob Kirk and Councillor Leah Ferrara have voiced their objections to the lights.


Councillor Ferrara says there is already adequate signage and the mayor agrees.


However, this week's meeting of council decided to go ahead with the flashing light system and General Manager, Warrick Bennett says he expects it to be working soon.

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