Sep 06 2019

The Goulburn community has been saddened at the passing of well known local woman, Ruth Gulson.


She was the Lilac Time Queen in 1961 but is perhaps better known for her association with the Quota movement and the brickworks operated by the Gulson family in Goulburn for 30 years.


She held the position of company secretary.


With Quota she was a past president but also involved herself with committee off-shoots of the organisation as well as taking on secretary duties for district governor of the time, Jean Lloyd.


Community service was well known to Ruth Gulson and for many years supported husband, Geoff in his Apex endeavours.


The Uniting Church in Goulburn was also the beneficiary of her efforts, with attendances at numerous working bees and helping where required.


In 2012, Ruth Gulson was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for services to Rotary and the Goulburn communty.


A Celebration of Life service for Mrs Gulson will be held at the Uniting Church in Goldsmith street next Tuesday, September 10th at 1pm.

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