Aug 09 2019

State member for Goulburn, Wendy Tuckerman is explaining why she has voted in opposition to the Reproductive Health Care Bill 2019.


The complex views raised by constituents made her deliberations on the matter difficult.


She says the Bill was not about addressing whether terminating pregnancies was right or wrong, but about the legal framework in which it operated.


While common law currently existed which allows pregnancy termination under certain provisos, the Bill reached beyond what was currently occurring in the state.


Mrs Tuckerman says the majority of constituents objected to the Bill, and admits she also had residual concerns around the way the legislation was framed for late term abortions.


The state member supported a number of amendments put forward but voted NO because she says she wanted to ensure the framework was clear and concise.


Since the Bill failed in critical areas, Mrs Tuckerman says she could not in good conscience support the legislation.

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