Aug 05 2019

Former Federal Liberal Party leader, Dr John Hewson has taken on the role of Board chairman of the Goulburn Community Energy Co-op, the group building a solar farm on the outskirts of the city.


Community Energy for Goulburn president, Ed Suttle says Dr Hewson is well known locally, having launched the Solar Farm feasibility study in 2016.


He was also the keynote speaker at the Goulburn Connects business breakfast in 2013 when the solar farm was first discussed.


Mr Suttle says Dr Hewson has taken a keen interest in the project and will provide a guiding hand during the construction period.


In 2016, Dr Hewson recognised that Community Energy for Goulburn was at the forefront of building community owned solar farms and could well lead a revolution to powering households across the state.


Group president, Ed Suttle says the organisation's aim is to produce renewable energy and to offer local people the opportunity to invest in the project.

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