Aug 02 2019

The Orphans Garden in Goulburn's Victoria park will be preserved and protected when the development of the Shibetsu garden takes place.


The Orphans memorial includes a bench seat, plinth and plaque and is located within the planned space for the Japanese garden project.


Initial design for the new garden had not factored in the Orphans memorial, but now plans will be re-visited to ensure its retention.


Mayor, Bob Kirk says he is thankful to Mr James Luthy OAM who was instrumental in establishing the Orphan's structure and who called attention to the possible conflict.


Councillor Kirk says all elements of the Orphan's garden will be retained and either incorporated within the Shibetsu garden or placed in a new prominent spot within Victoria park.


The memorial recognises orphanages as an important part of Goulburn's history.

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