Jul 18 2019

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council has shifted its priorities on state government funding from the Stronger Country Communities programme.


In the knowledge that half of the monies in the state programme need to focus on youth, the council has reacted to an address by local resident, Debbie Muddiman at this week's meeting. 


Ms Muddiman spoke to council in open forum and suggested the development of a Youth Hub at the Goulburn Police Citizens Youth Club.


Council had placed a priority on developing a Rage Cage at Leggett Park.


With nearly $890,000 available from the state under the Stronger communities fund, council has listed its number one preference as a community bus followed by an all abilities access to the proposed new Bourke street community centre.


An amenities block at the Cookbundoon sports fields is listed as third with the next in line being the Youth Hub.


In addressing council this week, Ms Muddiman said a youth hub at the PCYC would be well utilised.

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