Jul 10 2019

Young people in the Goulburn area are being invited to join NSW's first ever Regional Youth Taskforce which gives the opportunity to have a say on local issues.


State member, Wendy Tuckerman is encouraging young people to make application.


She says the taskforce will be made up of 18 members who will meet regularly and provide direct advice and feedback to NSW government agencies and ministers on policy decisions and action plans regarding youth.


State member Tuckerman says unemployment and mental health are just some of the challenges in the area and with the help of the Taskforce, these will be addressed.


Because of different challenges across regions, an even representation of two members from each of the nine areas in the state, is being sought.


Applications are open until August 5th for young people aged 12 to 24 through the site nsw.gov.au/RegionalYouthTaskforce.

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