Jul 08 2019

Goulburn's Endeavour Industries is getting behind an innovative idea that turns bottle caps into prosthetics for children.


The idea has been born from Victorian based charity, Envision Hands which shreds low and high intensity bottle lids, turning them into new prosthetic limbs using 3D printing.


Endeavour General Manager, Sonya White says it is a brilliant idea because it provides a solution while helping another disabled group.


Site manager, Annette Dunn says people can deposit their lids into two wheelie bins set aside for the purpose at the Sinclair Street Resource Recovery centre.


Last week, more than 30,000 lids were collected.


Ms Dunn says previously all of those would have gone to landfill.


The lids finally make their way to Envision Hands' warehouse in Melbourne where they are cleaned and sorted into colours.


From there they are shredded and fed through an extruder which produces an ink-like filament which is then used with 3D software to make the mobility aids.

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