Jun 12 2019

A new model of care for pregnant women is to be launched by the Southern NSW Local Health District.


Titled Midwives for Women, the initiative has been announced by Executive Director of Nursing Midwifery and Clinical Governance, Julie Mooney for the Goulburn Base Hospital maternity unit.


Director Mooney says the establishment of Midwives for Women has taken a lot of time and effort by both staff and the community.


It has involved surveys, brain storming sessions, listening to patients, roster trials, evaluation and literature review.


The new approach provides women with a small dedicated team of midwives, allowing for greater continuity of care and integration with other services.


Ms Mooney says Midwives for Mothers connects birthing mothers with health services earlier, offering women more choice in their maternity care.


Goulburn Base Hospital will transition to the new model, with the aim of embedding new practices before moving to the new maternity facility when the hospital re-development is completed in 2021.

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