Mar 15 2019

A large bank of rain which hit the Goulburn area yesterday has left some districts well replenished while others have received almost nothing.


Although Goulburn's official rainfall to 9 o'clock this morning totalled 8.4 millimeres, 83 mils were recorded at Murray's Flat and another 63 at a residence in Beverly Close and that was to about 3pm yesterday.


To about five yesterday afternoon, the Goulburn Water Treatment plant recorded 54 millimetres, Mount Gray 36, but then to the south of the city at Springfield and Bullamalita 3 millimetres, 2 mils at Sooley Dam and less than a millimetre at Lake Bathurst.


Inspite of these low recordings to the south, Doughboy Hill near Braidwood checked 45 mils in the two hours to 4.15 yesterday afternoon.


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