Dec 21 2018

With the attraction of the Australian Street Rod Federation regional nationals to Goulburn in 2020, mayor Bob Kirk has taken the opportunity to present the city's increasing status in motorsport.


More than 600 hot rods will motor into Goulburn for the event bringing around $1.5 million to the local economy and around 5,000 fans.


Mayor Kirk says Goulburn is arguably becoming the home of Motorsport in Southern NSW with Wakefield park, Goulburn Speedway, the Pheasant Wood circuit and the track soon to open for motorcycles.


It is not the first time that Goulburn has hosted an event of this nature.


The nationals were hosted in the city in 2009 which saw the street cruising hot-rods attract thousands to the city's main street, an event which will be repeated in 2020.

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