Dec 06 2017

The Peelwood district north of Goulburn, is the latest to capture the attention of the Heron Resources company in its quest to find mineral deposits.


Heron has applied for two exploration licences over the Peelwood district zinc-copper deposits, 105 kilometres north of its Woodlawn operation.


Two deposits in question are named 'Peelwood' and 'the John Fardy' and Heron managing director, Wayne Taylor says the tenements are a fantastic and valuable addition to Woodlawn's regional growth plans.


The John Fardy deposit was discovered in the early 1950s and mineralisation there is made up of massive sulphides up to 20 metres thick.


At Peelwood, the discovery was made in 1868 and before the 20th century, had produced more than 600 tonnes of copper, 4000 tonnes of zinc and significant Lead, Silver and Gold. 


Another area of interest, close by, is the Cordillera deposit, made up of overlapping and discontinuous streams of sulphides up to five metres thick.

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