Oct 09 2017

Around six hundred people packed Goulburn's Veolia arena on Saturday for the first boxing tournament in the city for more than a dozen years.


Organisers say the Golden Gloves tournament was witnessed by entire families, children, grand parents and pensioners with people travelling from the Central Coast, Sydney and the ACT.


The winner of the best bout in the afternoon was 17 year old Munroe Matet of Blacktown who beat Dylan Hadley from Canberra.


The pick of the evening session saw 14 year old Dakotah Keane from Victoria defeat Tyisha Palu.


Goulburn's Brayden Fenwick finished up against Kadeem Frazier from Blacktown and after very compeititive boxing, the Sydney fighter won on points.


The gruelling three rounds were a credit to each fighter.

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