Aug 11 2017

Stories surrounding the Office of the State Coroner, more commonly known as the Sydney City Morgue will feature in a session at the Goulburn Mulwaree library soon.


Forensic Counsellor, John Merrick spent more then twenty years in the job at Glebe and encountered high profile cases such as the murder of Ebony Simpson and the Bali bombings.


As a forsensic counsellor, John Merrick would witness autopsies, attend crime scenes and coronial inquiries.


He would then meet with families and share this information to bring closure and support.


John Merrick has written a book, 'True stories from the Morgue' detailing his experiences and telling what its like to work in the Morgue.


His talk will be on Tuesday, September will be free but bookings at the Goulburn Mulwaree library are essential.

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