Jul 17 2017

Community groups in the Upper Lachlan shire have benefited from more than $124,000 from the Taralga Wind Farm community fund.


Almost $44,000 goes to the Taralga War Memorial Hall for a heating system and another $20,000 is for upgrades to amenities at the Taralga showground.


The Golspie Progress association gets $10,000 for an upgrade of the Golspie hall.


An amount of $9,250 has gone to the Taralga Australia Day committee for fencing at the showground and the same for the A.P.& H. society for food service benches.


The Taralga Bowling club secures over $16,000 for a turf areator and scarifier while the Anglican parish gets $9,800 to upgrade the wooden floor at the Jamieson Hall.


$6,200 will be used to refurbish and repair the Taralga Medical Centre. 

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