Jul 17 2017

Long time Goulburn resident, Geoff Gulson has welcomed the news that the NSW Police Force remains committed to solving the disappearance of Griffith businessman, Don Mackay.


Last weekend was the 40th anniversary of the disappearance.


Mr Gulson was the Zone president of Apex when Mr Mackay disappeared in 1977.


The two men were long time apexians and Mr Gulson with a group of other members were on their way to Griffith for an apex function, the day Mr Mackay went missing, but their flight was late arriving.


Mr Gulson says Donald Mackay was to pick the group up at the airfield and adds that he often wonders what would have happened had they arrived on time.


Police say Mr Mackay went missing from the car park of a hotel in the town.    Blood and bullet cartridges were found near Mr Mackay's locked van.

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