Jul 28 2017

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council will have to address a number of issues regarding its proposal for a Performing Arts facility in the Mc Dermott centre in Goulburn's main street.


The Joint Regional Planning Panel which is the consenting authority, met in Goulburn yesterday but deferred a decision until it had received more information.


Details are sought on car parking, matters concerning provision of disabled facilities, heritage issues and more information on varying the height of the existing building.


Goulburn Mulwaree mayor, Bob Kirk says he is philosophical about the panel's decision.

Jul 28 2017

A meeting in Gunning this week to inform the community about a proposed solar farm near the town provided the basis for communication between the proponents and the public.


The company, Photon Energy is proposing a 316 megawatt solar farm on 590 hectares of land, 12 kilometres from Gunning.


Campaigning for the installation is still in its initial stages, but one issue which concerns residents is how the company will consult with the public.


Photon's Business Development manager, Robert Ibrahim says community engagement and transparency will be key to the whole process.

Jul 28 2017

Police will prepare a report for the coroner after the death of a woman in a car crash near Goulburn yesterday.


Around 5.30 yesterday evening, emergency services were called to the intersection of the Crookwell and Woodhouselee roads at Wayo.


Police believe that an elderly woman in one vehicle and a 44 year old woman in a utility truck collided.


As a result of the collision, the elderly woman was killed.


The 44 year old woman suffered injuries to her sternum and a 16 year old boy and a 15 year old were treated for minor injuries at the scene.


The 44 year old was taken to hospital for treatment and mandatory blood and urine tests. 


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