Aug 18 2017

Plans are underway for a re-union of former members of the Crookwell Apex Club.


By definition, families and friends of the Apex club will also be involved.


Crookwell Apex handed in its charter in October of 1997, marking the end of 42 years of service to the town and district.


Its history goes back to May 1955 when it started as a provisional club with the encouragement of Gordon Denny who was a member of the Goulburn Apex Club.


Crookwell Apex was granted its charter fifteen months later.


During its life, the Crookwell club recorded more than forty-one thousand hours of community service with some of its project still evident today.


These include Life Education, Breastscreen and the Crookwell High School driver training programme.


A reunion of the club is being organised at the Crookwell golf club on Saturday, October 28th.

Aug 18 2017

Good response has been received for the inaugural Station Dog challenge to be held at Goulburn Recreation Area.


To be conducted by the Show Society on Saturday, September second, the challenge this time is to support the young farmers team to represent at the Australian championships this year.


On the second, there will also be a dog high jump event and entries for this will be accepted on the day.


Meantime entries for the challenge close today and can still be registered with Matt Sheehy on 0429 129 942.

Aug 18 2017

Multi million dollar orders have been placed for equipment to process the minerals to be extracted at the Woodlawn Mine near Tarago.


The major item is a fine grinding mill valued at 4.4 million US dollars and other components include floation cells costing nearly five million dollars Australian.


There is also a million dollars worth of thickners which will be used during processing of minerals.


Wayne Taylor, CEO of Heron Resources which is running the Woodlawn operation, says he expects construction to start after project financing is completed at the end of this month. 


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