Sep 25 2017

Digging around the dirt at Goulburn's Kenmore hospital last Friday will ensure that the city's sacrifice in the Great War will be immotalised.


Civic and school leaders led by the state minister for Veteran  Affairs, David Elliott removed a soil sample from Kenmore's war memorial and this will be placed in the soon to be completed Anzac structure in Sydney's Hyde Park.


The soil sample will be one of 1600 from throughout the state to be prominently displayed in Sydney.


They represent places where young men enlisted to serve their country.

Sep 25 2017

Traffic on the Hume highway north of Marulan underwent severe disruption on Saturday, as a grass fire ripped through country nearby.


Rural Fire Services say about 30 hectares of land were burnt around Paddy's River after the flames started on Inverary Road.


At one stage, traffic going north was queued for seven kilometres and vehicles going south were banked up for two and a half kilometres.


Police forensic and Rural Fire Service investigators are looking into the cause of the blaze.

Sep 22 2017

The NSW Rural Fire Service has issued a dire warning to Southern Tablelands residents not to conduct burning activities planned for this weekend.


Concerns have been expressed about forecast strong, gusty winds and high temperatures.


RFS Inspector, Ian Kennerley says temperatures for Saturday have been forecast for the high twenties with winds at around 40 kilometres per hour.


He says with the lack of rain, fires will be difficult to control under the forecast conditions.


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