Mar 22 2019

An initiative to improve the heatlh of Aboriginal patients at the Goulburn Correctional Centre was undertaken today.


A team from the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network was involved with tailoring health assessments to meet the needs of patients.


The work supports the national Close the Gap campaign, which seeks to address the plight of some of the most marginalised people in Australia.


A spokesperson says the aim is to help them return to their communities, more healthy when released.


Apart from being assessed, patients received a long-term health care plan to improve their health and quality of life.


Health Information stalls allowed access to clinicians who advised on health risks and other concerns.


The initiative empowers Aboriginal people to take control of their health care.

Mar 22 2019

The scene is set for the Australian Blues Music Festival to continue in Goulburn at least for the next five years.


A report to the Goulburn Mulwaree Council this week has seen a decision to call for Expressions of Interest.


Respondents are being asked to outline what can be done to organise, manage and promote the festival within a budget of $30,000 each year.


In addition to this money, council will also fund the erection of street banners and an additional $1,000 towards TV advertisements.


Mar 22 2019

There is a proposal to re-zone central parts of the Marulan township, north of Goulburn, but to take effect it will need the approval of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.


The matter was addressed in council this week as part of joint consideration for re-zoning at the Mistful Park subdivision in Goulburn city.


In Marulan it is planned to rezone land north of the railway line as Enterprise corridor and another parcel to General Residential.


Goulburn Mulwaree Director of Planning and Environment, Scott Martin says council's decision will create more opportunity for development.


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