Aug 23 2019

With more than 3,000 people to Goulburn's Wakefield park raceway for a mobile exhibition of iconic vehicles at the weekend, there are hopes of repeating the event.


It was the first time that the Goulburn venue had opened its gates to vehicles housed at the National museum in Canberra.


Last weekend's showing at Wakefield drew people who had not been to the track for some time with newcomers also attending.


Operations manager, Dean Chapman says he hopes for a regular repeat of the event.

Aug 23 2019

Goulburn Mulwaree councillor and a former mayor, Margaret O'Neill has questioned the safety of ponds as part of the Mistful Park subdivision on the Mary's Mount road.


Councillor O'Neill asked where council's duty of care rested on the matter.


According to Planning and Environment director, Scott Martin the ponds at Mistful Park are similar to detention basins installed at other developments in Goulburn in the last 15 to 20 years.


He says they are a consequence of the city being located in the Sydney drinking-water catchment area.

Aug 22 2019

A man appears in court next month charged with four offences connected with the alleged grooming of a teenage girl on the Southern Highlands.


On Monday, officers from the Hume Police District and the Sex Crimes Squad started an investigation after reports a man had been engaging in sexually-explicit conversations with a 14 year old girl on social media.


As a consequence, police arrested a 28 year old man in his vehicle at a carpark in Kirkham street, Moss Vale on Tuesday.


During a search, investigators seized a mobile phone with the man from Mittagong taken to the Southern Highlands Police station.


Charges against him include 2 counts of procure child for unlawful sexual activity and stalking/intimidate intending fear of physical harm.


The charges will be heard in the Moss Vale Local Court on September 3rd.


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