Jun 16 2017

A man and a woman will appear in Goulburn court on separate occasions on drugs and weapons charges.


The charges follow the execution of a search warrant on a house in Goulburn yesterday.


A 46 year old man faces charges of allegedly possessing two prohibited weapons and of being in possession of a restricted substance.


He has been ordered to appear in court on July 12th.


A 22 year old woman has been issued with a court attendance notice to appear on August 9th for alleged offences of prohibited drug possession and possessing equipment for self administration of prohibited drugs. 


Jun 16 2017

Mens Health Week will cap off with a talk by men's health expert, Stephen Carroll at the Goulburn library later in the month.


This comes amid claims that more males suffer from lifestyle-related health conditions than do females of the same age.


Stephen Carroll, the author of a number of books will speak at the Goulburn library on Tuesday, June 27th at one pm.


He says issues concerning relationships, physical and mental health and the impact of well-being are being brought more and more to the fore.


He says men's health affects more than the individual.

Jun 16 2017

The Goulburn Chamber of Commerce is keeping its cards close to the chest in relation to ambitions to have large regional cities between Sydney and Melbourne.


They would be linked by fast rail.


The concept was presented to this week's chamber meeting and in some circles there was mixed reaction.


Queries presented during the meeting could not all be answered because of confidentiality issues.


Chief amongst the questions was the proposed location of a new city to the north-east of Goulburn.


Chamber president, Mark Bradbury conceded that the concept was new to Australia and thus unusual.


He said however the chamber of commerce would provide every opportunity for members to be kept informed.


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