Nov 22 2019

Water restrictions are being introduced in the township of Taralga from today.


The Upper Lachlan council is reporting that there has been an escalated decrease in the town's water supply and as such Level 2 water restrictions have been imposed.


As of yesterday, Taralga's dam level was at approximately 60 per cent capacity.


Shire council acting general manager, Andrew Croke says restrictions will be closely monitored and reassessed each week.


As of today in Taralga, sprinkler and fixed hose usage is banned, there is no filling or topping up of private swimming pools and no washing of cars by hose is permitted.


As well, the watering of stock from the town water supply is not allowed.


The level 2 restrictions mean that water use by micro-sprays is permitted for 15 minutes and one hand-held hose can be used for one hour a day.


This can be from 7 to 8 in the morning or from 6.30 to 7.30 in the evening.

Nov 19 2019

Health care services in the Yass Valley are to be further examined as the Local Health District investigates the birthing needs of local women.


The commitment to boost the planning process follows a meeting last week, attended by Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, local member, Wendy Tuckerman, Yass Valley councillor, Jasmin Jones and health district officers.


District Acting Chief Executive, Jude Constable says a stepped approach will be used to look at the antenatal and postnatal needs of Yass district women.


There would be consultation with the local community as well as an evidence based approach to inform future planning of maternity services.


Ms Constable says an appropriate model of care would take into consideration such things as service quality, safety, sustainability, equity and access.


Recommendations will be made in early 2020 and these will inform models of care for local maternity needs in the Yass Valley.

Nov 19 2019

Visitors to the Gouburn Base Hospital are being made aware of changes to on-site pedestrian access while re-development is underway.


Southern NSW Local Health District general manager,Denis Thomas says the pedestrian footpath on the hospital side of Faithfull street is closed for about a week.


This is to create two new access driveways- the footpath is being diverted with the use of barriers to ensure pedestrian safety.


Mr Thomas says those accessing Child and Family and community and mental health services will be the most impacted.


Signage will display direct alternative pedestrian routes.


People needing to access the hospital can continue to do so via the main entrance off Goldsmith street.


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