Feb 07 2020

A 55 year old man from the ACT has suffered serious injuries following a one-vehicle accident on the Hume Highway north of Goulburn yesterday.


Going north, the vehicle veered off the road at Towrang, about 500 metres from Tiyces Lane, went through a fence, travelled another 40 metres before hitting a tree.


The vehicle, a Toyota Hilux received extensive damage.


The 55 year old driver was trapped for about 30 minutes before being released by police rescue.


He received, pelvic, head, facial and chest injuries and was airlifted to the Canberra hospital in a serious but stable condition.


In the wake of that accident, police are asking motorists to drive to the prevailing conditions.

Feb 07 2020

An illicit tobacco operation near Goulburn has been closed down by the Australian Taxation Office.


Valued at more than $13 million, ATO officers with the assistance of NSW police located the operation which was contained on a four acre site.


Authorities seized and destroyed more than ten tonnes of illicit tobacco.

Nov 22 2019

Water restrictions are being introduced in the township of Taralga from today.


The Upper Lachlan council is reporting that there has been an escalated decrease in the town's water supply and as such Level 2 water restrictions have been imposed.


As of yesterday, Taralga's dam level was at approximately 60 per cent capacity.


Shire council acting general manager, Andrew Croke says restrictions will be closely monitored and reassessed each week.


As of today in Taralga, sprinkler and fixed hose usage is banned, there is no filling or topping up of private swimming pools and no washing of cars by hose is permitted.


As well, the watering of stock from the town water supply is not allowed.


The level 2 restrictions mean that water use by micro-sprays is permitted for 15 minutes and one hand-held hose can be used for one hour a day.


This can be from 7 to 8 in the morning or from 6.30 to 7.30 in the evening.


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