Oct 17 2017

The Goulburn group working towards a functioning solar farm is getting closer to realising the completion of its project.


Community Energy for Goulburn has commissioned an independent company to look at the costs and efficiencies of three ways to build its 1.2 megawatt solar establishment.


Group president, Ed Suttle says that report should be received towards the middle of this week.

Oct 17 2017

The Capital Radio network of which Eagle FM and 2GN are members has scored major successes  at the Australian Commerical Radio Awards in Melbourne.


Eagle's Billy Bradley won the award for Best Newcomer on Air.


Former local, Joe Prevedello is part of the 2CC team which took the prize for Best Sports Event Coverage in delivering commentary on Canberra Raiders games.


Affiliated stations received awards for Best Music Director and Best News and Talk presenters.


Other prizes were for Best Current Affairs presenter, Best Show producer and Best Music Special.

Oct 17 2017

The safety of domestic violence and sexual assault victims and their children has been put front and centre in a new prorgamme announced yesterday in Goulburn.


Pru Goward launched the Safer Pathway initiative at the Goulburn Police station and said the programme would start next March.


State member Goward says Safer Pathway will provide a single contact point for violence victims with the agencies involved adopting a methodical approach.


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